Step-by-Step Procedure

Reimburse Relocation and Moving Expenses for New Hires

The University of Oregon moving expense policy allows for a new employee to be reimbursed for moving, house-hunting, and temporary living expenses. As of July 1, 2019- Process all moving expenses through Concur, except payments made directly to vendors such as Moving Companies.

Additional information is available at

For a list of allowable expenses, see:

Any question regarding moving/relocation policy and procedures should be directed to Joy Germack 346-0782.

Steps to Complete

1.) Contact Travel Office to be assigned as a delegate for your new employee.

Provide the following information (review New Employee Onboarding Checklist) so that the new employee is properly set up in Banner:

a. Employee name (as it appears on their passport or government issued ID they will use when traveling)

b. TMC (Travel Management Company: Direct Travel or Premier Travel)

c. Request Approver

d. Expense Approver

e. Delegates and Travel Assistants/Arrangers

f. Concur Group Name, if applicable

2.) Create Expense Report

Be sure you logged in as a delegate acting on behalf of the new employee.

a. Select UO Policy

b. Enter Report Name - "Relocation from city, state

c. Include the following in the business purpose field:

Amount of Moving Allowance/Budget approved

Name of person who approved the allowance -this would be a Dean (if academic department) or both Department Head and V/P (if other department)

Locations from (prior home) to (Eugene or Portland)

Date range of the move itself

Date range of house hunting if applicable

Date range for any temporary living expenses

d. Travel Start date = the day they left former home

e. Travel end date = the day they arrived in Eugene (or other work city).

f. Report/Trip Purpose = Relocation

g. Traveler Type = Faculty or Officer of Administration

h. Trip Type = Domestic Travel

i. Indicate yes or no for personal travel.

3.) Add a New Expense for each item being reimbursed- Expense Type _ Relocation Expense

Select Relocation Category

Each expense should have a transaction date that is on the receipt and be entered separately with itemized receipts/proof of payment attached. If you are entering personal vehicle mileage, enter the starting and ending points and number of miles being reimbursed. Attach a google map as "receipt". If you are entering per diem, enter dates and whether per diem is for employee or family member.

4.) Once report is complete, click the Notify Employee button.

The employee will receive notification that the report is ready to submit.

5.) Approval steps

Employee submits the report.

Approver 1 approves.

Taxable approver reviews.

Approver 2 approves if applicable.

The report is processed for payment.

6.) Questions?

Any questions about moving/relocation policy and procedures, please contact Joy Germack 346-0782.

7.) revised 09/04/2019