Setting up a Concur Backup Approver

Step-by-Step Procedure

Setting up a Concur Backup Approver

Are you a concur approver? Planning an absence from work? Be sure to set up your back up Concur approver. By setting up a backup approver, you are delegating your approval responsibilities to that person. You can do this temporarily for short pre-determined dates. If you are frequently out of the office, you may prefer to set up a permanent backup approver.

Steps to Complete

1.) Log in to Concur, click on Profile, then Profile Settings

2.) Click on Expense Delegates

3.) Add a new delegate or select the delegate if they are already in your list.

4.) To assign continuous permission, check the box under Can Approve.

5.) To assign temporary permission, check the box under Can Approve Temporarily, enter start and end dates

6.) Check the box under Receives Approval Emails
7.) Click Save
8.) Your backup approver will receive email alerts that you have a report to approve.
9.) Backup approver logs in to Concur, Acting on Behalf of Another User, as you.

10.) Backup approver then reviews your approval items and takes appropriate action. (Approve, send back to user, add Approver