Step-by-Step Procedure

Obtain Approval to Change Airline Ticket

If you previously purchased an airline ticket and now need to make a change, first determine if the change is business related or personal:

Steps to Complete

1.) Business Related: You do not need to create a new request. Your TMC (travel agent) will need to do a ticket exchange
2.) Obtain email approval for change

Email your original approver with details about the change, amount of the change fee, and the business purpose/business benefit for the change.

3.) Attach email approval to the request

Upload the email of approval to the original request using the Attachment button

4.) Confirm your itinerary

Review your new itinerary to make sure it is exactly what you want. Confirm with the TMC.

5.) Forward the Approved Request* using the Print/Share link, then "UO Request Printed Report". .

In the email note that the change has been approved. Sample text:

"$500 change fee approved by Sue Robinson, Bus. Mgr, approval email attached. "

6.) Email TMC (travel agent)

Click on "email".

7.) * See instructions on travel website: See Step-by-Step ““Notify the TMC of a Request Approval “

8.) If the reason for the change is not business related -

You must contact the TMC and provide personal funds to pay for change fees and agent fees.