Step-by-Step Procedure

Booking Tool Search Filters

When searching for flights using the Concur booking tool, the tool presents "default" Trip Search settings. Additional search filters are available to help fine tune your available flight options. After entering search parameters (date, destination) additional filters can be used to optimize results. This Step by Step is to help familiarize you with these search tools.

Steps to Complete

1.) Trip type - (round trip, one-way, multi-city), Location, Depart and return times

For your initial search click on the type of trip you plan to search for either round trip, one-way, or multi-city. Enter the departure and arrival destination and dates of travel. Note the default setting is for departing 4 hours before and after 7am and returning 4 hours before and after 5pm. Adjustments can be made for the times you prefer. Click the “Search” button to see the initial search results. You will be presented with your "Trip Summary" where additional filters can be used to fine tune your options.

2.) Trip Summary -depart and return times

There are adjustments for departing and arriving times for your flight search. Just move the blue dots on either end of the bar scale to adjust your preferences.

3.) Destination airports "Trip Summary" filter

This filter is for airports near your destination and is helpful when flying to a destination with “common” airports. For example, you could fly to either JFK, LGA or EWR to reach New York City. Fine tune your search by selecting only the airport(s) desired if you do not want all options to show.

4.) Connecting airports "Trip Summary" filter

For connecting airports, you might want to filter for those you prefer and some you would like to avoid. This is optional.

5.) Refine once again by using the search matrix options to "Shop by Fares" or "Shop by Schedule"

After fine tuning your search, you will be able to optimize your search by using the matrix which displays airline carriers, fares, the number of stops for the flights, and the ability to search by fares or search by schedules.

6.) "Shop by Fares" tab

The “Shop by Fares” tab includes additional sort options. Use this tab to enter a specific “Flight Number” and/or use the “Sorted By” drop down menu to sort by: Duration (for shortest elapsed travel time), Price, Departure and Arrival Times, etc.

7.) "Shop by Schedule" tab

The “Shop by Schedule” tab allows you to search for one-way itineraries if you were unable to find the round-trip combination you desire. Note the “Depart” tab and the “Return” tab as well as the “Sorted By” drop down menu to sort by Price, Departure Time, Arrival Time, Duration, Stops, and Emissions. Here you can book your outbound flight then search for and book your return flight.

8.) If your itinerary is complex or if you are exchanging an unused ticket

It is recommended to contact your TMC to book complex itineraries such as multi-city, going to and returning from separate airports and using multiple airlines. If you are exchanging a unused ticket for this new itinerary, please contact your TMC to arrange this transaction.