Step-by-Step Procedure

Air Price Increase Before Ticketing - How to Amend Request for approval

If cost of your airfare has increased from the amount approved in your original Concur Request, follow these steps to seek approval for the additional cost.

Steps to Complete

1.) Send an email to your Request Approver

Email your Request Approver stating the additional amount you are seeking along with any pertinent detail (date change, destination change, etc). The email response will be used to document the changed amount.

2.) Attach the email to the Request

Once your approver has responded to your email approving the additional airfare cost, attach a pdf of the email to the Request using the attachment button to provide an audit trail.

3.) Alert your TMC of the increase to the approved Request

Click on the "Print/Share" button at the top of your Request to view the "UO Request Print Report" button. After you click on this button then click on the blue "Email" button.

Copy the TMC's email into email box (or highlight and drag), add your own address for tracking, then include a note in the Comment Box: "Additional $xxx.xx approved by NAME, TITLE.

Email the approval attached to Request by clicking the "Send" button to complete the process.