Employee reimbursements

Employees may be reimbursed for properly substantiated business expenses.

It is recommended that employees do not use personal funds and seek reimbursement for any payment that may be tax reportable.

For example: an employee is reimbursed for repair work on his work computer with personal funds.Employee paid with personal funds because the repair was needed over the weekend.In this instance the UO may be obligated to report the payment made to the IRS on a Form 1099.The check vendor function must be used to allow for tax reporting. Contact Accounts Payable for assistance at 6-3143.

For small amounts such as reimbursing an employee for photocopies while traveling or for research subject payments, use account code 28994, Reimbursement S&S Exp Employee

Documentation standards for employee reimbursements.

Employee reimbursements equipment warranties

In general its best for departments to purchase minor equipment such as computers, fax machines, printers, and software directly from the vendor rather than reimbursing an employee. This is for warranty purposes.