To Travel Delegates and all UO Concur users (Please forward this to your UO Travelers): 

When using your Travel Agency (TMC) to book and ticket your airline plans, you must send a copy of the approved Request so that the agent has authorization to charge the UO Lodge card (visa card) for your air.  

(DO NOT forward a copy of your approval email.  It does not have the required detail for ticketing.)

Click on Request in the black navigation bar and locate your approved Request in the list.  Click to open.

Find Request.jpg

Locate the Email button (1) in the row of blue and red buttons in the upper right.  Click to on UO Request Printed Report. Click on the Email button (2) within the window and enter the email address (3) for the TMC ticket queue located in the report in the Email Recipient box (4).  You may also add your own email address (for tracking proof) and your agent's email address, separated by semicolons (;).  Your TMC assignment should be in the first row of the print report: 

Direct Travel:


Premier Travel:


A link to these instructions is posted both on your Concur landing page and in your Request when selecting #2 - TMC under “How Will you Book your Trip?”

And on the UO Travel Policy website on the Concur button: .