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Notify the TMC of a Request Approval
When using your TMC for your airline ticket: #2 – TMC booking – they need to have official UO approval to charge the Lodge card (visa card) for your air.
Here is how to send an Approved Request notification to your TMC:
Steps to Complete

1.) Complete your Request

Log in to Concur and complete a pre-travel Request. Go to the Segment tab, click on the airplane and enter the amount the UO is paying for the business only portion of your air. If you have personal travel, a comparison quote is required, you will provide a personal credit card to the TMC for any amount over the business only portion.

Screenshot of Request interface

2.) Locate your approved Request

Once your Request is approved, on the Concur home page click on Request (next to the SAP Concur logo) and locate your approved Request from the resulting list.

Screenshot of list of Active Requests

3.) Send approval to Travel Agency (TMC)

The detailed report contains traveler’s name, Status: “Approved”, Request ID, flight details and the amount the TMC is to charge to UO lodge(credit) card. Click Email and type in your TMC email address, as well as your own email address to provide Outlook tracking:

screenshot of detail report

Requirements: Active Concur profile.
Confirm airfare purchase in Concur Trip Library
When purchasing tickets using the Concur booking tool, there are two ways to confirm an airfare ticket transaction has been completed. *TRIP LIBRARY VIEW* and *INSIDE THE REQUEST ITSELF*. In this Step-byStep we will walk through confirming that your airfare was purchased using the TRIP LIBRARY VIEW.
Steps to Complete

1.) Select your trip in the trip Library

After logging in to Concur, click on Travel in the black navigation bar at the top of the screen, click on Trip Library and select the trip you want to confirm.

2.) Verify the presence of a ticket number

Scroll down -- below the itinerary -- to the "Total Estimated Cost" section. If your itinerary has a ticket number, then the transaction is complete.

Verify the presence of a ticket number