Guiding Principles

  • Faculty, staff, and student travel is necessary to support and enhance the university's mission
  • Travelers are expected to be, and believed to be, reasonable and prudent utilizing university resources for travel
  • Budget Authorities are accountable and responsible for appropriate use of university resources. Departments are free to create policies/limits that are more restrictive (but not less restrictive) than university-wide policies/limits
  • University processes related to travel reimbursements should not be overly onerous so as to negatively affect travelers (including guests, visitors, recruits, etc.)
  • Travel reimbursement processes should be clear, consistent, transparent, convenient, efficient, and compliant
  • Travel reimbursements are for business-related expenses only, not for personal expenses of the traveler or any traveling companions

Procedure - Guiding Principles:

Procedure Detail

The Concur travel reimbursement process is used for the reimbursement of travel expenses of employees, students, and non-employees.

A travel reimbursement cannot be filed before the trip is completed and should be filed in a reasonable period of time, generally within 60 days of the completion of travel, per IRS Accountable Plan guidelines. If the trip is exceptionally lengthy, interim filings may be permitted

Procedure - Grant and Sponsored Travel

Procedure Detail

When traveling on sponsored project funds, please note that the award or sponsor may have travel requirements or limitations that are not met by following the University travel policy.  Please be aware of any requirements or limitations for travel costs on your awards, and contact Sponsored Projects Services for any questions.