Banner Form FWIFLST contains summary data for all assets that have ever been recorded in the Banner Fixed Assets Module. Form FFIMAST contains the detail record for a single asset. It may be accessed by anyone with a Banner FIS user ID.

The FWIFLST form is used to query the inventory records based on specific attributes. For example, you need to review the inventory records for a specific item however, you do not know the permanent tag number for that item. You can enter the name of the item in the description field (case sensitive), and execute the query. All records matching that description will be returned. NOTE: The "%" character can be used as a wild card.

This form can also be used to query a list of items for a specific organization or location. Following the process noted above, but enter the organization or location code in the appropriate field.

All of the information on this screen can be printed or saved to an excel file by clicking on the "Create Report or Spreadsheet" option.

The FFIMAST form is used to query individual inventory records. Enter the inventory tag number in the Asset Tag field. If you do not know the tag number you can run a query on FWIFLST to identify the tag number and select the Permanent Tag by highlighting it and clicking on Options - Asset Master. There are multiple screen of information available for each asset item.

For additional information contact the Property Coordinator.