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Direct Deposit

Why should I sign up for direct deposit?

  • Direct deposit provides you with the convenience of having your paycheck electronically deposited directly into your bank account so that your paycheck is available immediately on payday.
  • You do not have to worry about losing or misplacing your paycheck, which reduces the risk of someone fraudulently cashing your paycheck.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Preferred Method

  • Go to and log in using your UO ID # and your PAC.
  • Click on “Employee Information”
  • Select “Pay Information”
  • Select “Direct Deposit”
  • Select “Add New Direct Deposit”
  • Follow the on screen instructions to enter your banking information, check “Payroll Deposit”, and “Accounts Payable Deposit” if desired.
  • Click on “Help” for examples on how to find your bank routing and account numbers.  In general, any changes to direct deposit allocation should be made by the 18th of each month.  If you have closed your bank account or made changes after this date, you will need to contact the Payroll Office staff directly at 541-346-3151 immediately.

Alternative Method

  • Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form, with a voided check or other document from the bank that provides the routing and account numbers.  Submit the form to the Payroll Office at the Thompson University Center.

Sign up to go paperless

There are a number of great reasons to go paperless:

  • It saves paper and eliminates waste.
  • You can view your paystub anywhere, anytime.
  • It is a cost savings for the university.

If you no longer need to receive a paper paystub, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Employee Information”
  • Select “Pay Information”
  • Select “Earning Statement”
  • Uncheck the box, under the year drop down menu, and click display.

  • After the box is unchecked and saved, it will look like this:



Paperless FAQ’s

What if I decide I want to again receive printed earning statements on paydays?

Just go to DuckWeb and check the box. This time the wording will read, "Check this box if you would like to receive a printed paycheck stub." Then click on the "Display" button to save your choice."

Are their any special printing considerations when printing an earnings statement via DuckWeb?

In the "Earnings Statement" window on DuckWeb, you will first choose a calendar year for the earning statements you wish to view.  From there it will take you to a list of available earning statements.  Click on the one you wish to view.  This will take you to a summary of your earnings detail.  If you want to view/print an official earning statement you will need to click on the 'University of Oregon Earning Statement PDF' link.  It is always best to have the most recent version of Adobe installed on your computer.

Macintosh Users will need to use Safari as their browser. The DuckWeb print option does not work from Firefox.

Am I able to see my earning statement and net pay amount before payday on DuckWeb?

Yes, the earning statement information appears on DuckWeb several days before payday. However, deposits are not made until payday. And remember, you should always first check with your bank to make certain the deposit was made before writing checks or making withdrawals from your account.

May temporary staff have access to DuckWeb?

Yes, you will need to go to Human Resources and bring photo identification with you such as a driver's license.

What do I do if I've forgotten my (PAC) Personal Access Code?

If you forget your PAC. you may reset it in DuckWeb by clicking on the "Forgot PAC" button and answering your security question. You may also stop by Human Resources (677 East 12th Ave., Suite 400) with your university photo identification card to have your PAC reset.

Additional Questions or Comments:

The Payroll Office welcomes any comments or questions about our paperless option.  Payroll's main phone number is 6-3151.