Moving/Relocation Expenses

Moving/Relocation Expenses

The  University of Oregon moving expense policy allows for a new employee to be reimbursed for moving, house-hunting and temporary living expenses.

The newly enacted tax law that was voted into law on December 20, 2017 prevents a tax-free payment or reimbursement of moving expenses beginning January 1, 2018 through 2025. University of Oregon Business Affairs Office is assessing the implication of this change, and this policy will be updated as part of the ongoing University of Oregon Policy updates.

Moving expenses should be approved in advance. Academic departments should seek approval from their Deans. All other offices should seek approval from their department head and the appropriate Vice President. A memo should be prepared and submitted before the move occurs. Include the name of the new employee, the funds being used and the dollar amount.

Moving expenses may be reimbursed to the employee or paid directly to a vendor. The text of your banner document should include the following information:

  • New employee's full name
  • New employee's banner ID
  • Detailed itemization of the expenses
  • Amount of the Moving Allowance/Budget approved
  • Approved by

Moving expenses fall into two account code categories:

  • Taxable (10780) or
  • Non-taxable (10790) - Because of the new tax law, no longer available after December 31, 2017.

These are the only two account codes that can be used on these expenses. Please review the One Page Moving Summary Table to review tax implications and which account code to use.

If you have questions about moving expenses contact the UO Senior Tax Accountant/Analyst at 346-0782.