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W-2 Information

The University of Oregon is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide all employees with a Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) to report the employee’s compensation and tax withholding amounts for the calendar year, on or before January 31st of the following year.

New for 2018: Box 14 "ORSTTW" - The Oregon Department of Revenue requires employers to show the Oregon State Transit Tax in the memo box 14. The code "ORSTTW" designates the Oregon State Transit Tax. This is a component of your total state taxes paid for the year, but not part of your income tax withholding.

University employees may choose to receive their W-2 statement electronically via Duckweb or receive a paper copy mailed to the mailing address in Banner.  Employees may update their W-2 address via Duckweb.

Benefits of receiving an electronic Form W-2:

  • Secure, electronic access to W-2 at any time.
  • Email notification when online W-2 is available.
  • Immediate access once W-2 has been generated.
  • Support the universities commitment to sustainability.

Please read the following disclosure notice in its entirety, and follow the instructions to provide the required consent if you wish to receive your W-2 online.

Disclosure Notice

Employee Consent (Opt-in):

If an employee does not consent to receive an electronic version of the Form W-2, a paper copy will be mailed to the employee’s mailing address in Banner.  The “default” setting is for employees to receive paper W-2 forms via US mail.

Scope and Duration of Consent:

Consent for electronic W-2 delivery is effective immediately and for all subsequent tax years unless consent is withdrawn.  Employees will receive an email notification each year when the electronic W-2 forms are available for access.

Procedure for Obtaining Printed W-2 Forms After Consent is Given:

After giving consent, an employee may still request a paper W-2 by submitting a W2R Form (W-2/1042s Duplicate Request) at or to the Payroll Office.  The request for a paper W-2 form will not terminate consent to receiving W-2’s electronically in the future.

Withdrawal of Consent (Opt-out):

An employee may withdraw consent at any time.  Consent withdrawn by employees is effective only for W-2 forms not yet issued and does not apply to previously issued W-2’s.  To withdraw your consent, you may change your selection in Duckweb to receive a paper copy. 

Separation of Service:

Employees who have separated from the university will continue to have access to previous years W-2’s through Duckweb.

Updating Information:

All employees are responsible for ensuring their address is correct for tax reporting purposes.  Employees may update their address via Duckweb. 

Hardware and Software Requirements:

The hardware and software required to access, print, and retain electronic W-2’s include an internet connection and an up to date web browser.  Computers meeting these requirements are available throughout campus, including the Library and Payroll Office.

Inaccessible W-2’s or Technical Problems:

If an employee has consented to receive an electronic W-2 and encounters technical difficulties, the employee should contact the Payroll Office at 541-346-3151.

Instructions for Electronic W-2 Consent via Duckweb:

  • Sign into Duckweb.
  • Navigate to the “Employee Information” tab.
  • Click “Tax Information”.
  • Click on the “Electronic Regulatory Consent” link.
  • Check the “My Choice” box to consent to receive your W-2 electronically.
  • Click “Submit”.  A confirmation will appear towards the top of the page.

Instructions for Viewing Electronic W-2 via Duckweb:

  • Sign into Duckweb.
  • Navigate to the “Employee Information” tab.
  • Click on “Tax Information”.
  • Click on “W-2 Wage and Tax Statement”.
  • Select the correct tax year and University of Oregon from the drop down menus.
  • Click “Display”.
  • You will be able to view your W-2 information or click on “Printable W-2” near the bottom of the page to print an official version of your W-2.