Participant Support Non-UO

Expenditures to support non-UO students and employees engaged in training or research in a specific field or program. Participant support may not be used for payment for services.

Research and Innovation (Sponsored Project Services) participant support information

Payments to International Visitors

For expenses documented by receipts, use account codes 28630 (Non-UO Participant Tuition/registration) and 28635 (Non-UO Participant Support Travel). For travel expenses documented by receipts or the per diem method, use the electronic travel form (Concur) to process.

For expenses not documented by receipts, use account code 28636 Non-UO Participant Support - No Receipts. These amounts are tax reportable on Form 1099.

Participant Support UO Students

Expenditures to support students engaged in training or research in a specific field or program. This type of expenditure is usually made to someone covered by a grant or contract. Stipend payments are a type of student aid. (Students should be referred to IRS Publication 970 - Tax Benefits for Education).

Payments to International Visitors


Each department may process participant support payments by:

  1. Entering individual direct pay Banner invoices into Banner using appropriate account codes.
  2. Utilizing the Invoice Upload process to create monthly Banner payments--if there are many payments to be issued. (This is a useful process to learn as it makes it easy to pay any type of recurring monthly payment.  If you do not have access to the upload process, contact the Accounts Payable Manager (Diane Carl) at ext. 6-4235 to discuss this option).

Departments should issue payments with a pay date of the 27th of the month.

For stipend payments, enter payment directly into Banner. Use account codes 55102-55110, Student Aid Participant Support, excluding 55104, Tuition or Fee Payment for Participant.

Resource Aid, including scholarships and payments coded to 55104, should continue to be processed by completing a Resource Aid Form. Resource Aid Form Once completed, the form should be submitted to Accounts Receivable.

Contact Accounts Payable Manager at 6-4235.