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UO Foundation Resource Aid Requisitions

Resource Aid Requisitions (RARs) for all Foundation Scholarships (index 435441, account 51101) are processed online.

To access the web-based Foundation RAR form, complete with instructions, go to:, where you will log in using your Duck ID and password. For questions, please contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Tina Phifer 6-1178,  or Michelle Holdway at 6-1299,

Completing the online version of the RAR for your Foundation held scholarships is very similar to completing the paper form to which you are accustomed. Some great features of the electronic RAR process are:

  • Drop-down menus listing the funds for your department
  • Automatic feature that fills-in fund account numbers
  • E-mail confirmation that your RAR has been received

In addition, completing the online version of the RAR for your Foundation held scholarships serves the dual purpose of posting the funds to student billing accounts and notifying the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships of the Foundation Scholarships that students will be receiving.

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Non-foundation Resource Aid Requisitions

All other resource aid must be processed through Accounts Receivable/Student Billing. Complete a Resource Aid Requisition form, not a journal voucher (JV) or invoice. If you first need the approval of Sponsored Projects Services, please forward the form to Sponsored Project Services, and they will forward the approved form to Accounts Receivable/Student Billing.

Exceptions: Stipends (account code 55102) are currently processed via invoice.

Student aid may not be paid from service Department Funds (09XXXX) or Endowment Funds (6XXXXX).

General guidelines for filling out a Resource Aid Requisition Form:

  • Verify the Student UO ID Numbers.
  • Do not combine Law and non-Law on the same form, as they have different codes. Please label Law as Law, not Grad.
  • Only use the Undergrad and Grad restrictions if the aid is restricted to one of those levels.
  • Do not combine Full-Time and Part-Time students on the same form, if the award is restricted to full-time enrollment.
  • You can enter as many Part-Time Graduate students on a form as you want, as long as they are all taking the same number of hours.

Please include all necessary restrictions on your requisitions. The final responsibility for issuing the proper amount of aid rests with those who authorize it. Monitor your accounts carefully.

To determine the appropriate account code, review the UO Account Codes Student Aid section (50000.)

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Student Billing

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