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PO Box 3237
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Thompson's University Ctr
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Eugene , OR 97401

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A secure drop box is available for payment, deposit, and paperwork drop-off inside the main building entrance.

Thompson University Center building directory

Floor 1

  • Student Billing
  • Student Loans and Collections
  • Cashiers

Floor 2

  • AVP Office
  • Payroll
  • General Accounting
  • Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Reporting
  • Property Control
  • Accounts Payable
  • Travel

Floor 3

Business Affairs : Administration

BA Administration: AVP Office
AVP Office (Fax): 541-346-2393
Position Name Email Phone Functions
Associate Vice President Kelly Wolf 541-346-3165

Associate Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

HR and Business Operations Manager Holly Syljuberget 541-346-4340

Hiring, Budget, office operations

Assistant to the AVP C.J. Nelson 541-346-0398

Assistant to the AVP, BA Travel Coordinator,
Executive Support Specialist

Business Affairs : Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (Fax): 541-346-2393

Position Name Email Phone Functions
Manager Diane Carl 541-346-4235

AP Manager, check printing/ACH processing, SUA's/Single Use Accounts. 1099's

Program Specialist Audrey Gilliam 541-346-3152

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Program Specialist Carmela Kortum 541-346-3126

Invoice Training/Entry/Approvals, Outgoing Wire Transfers

Accounts Payable Admin Leslie Wicker 541-346-1252

ACH/Direct Deposits, Disbursement Requests, Special Handling of Checks, Lost Check Statements

Vendor Coordinator Serina Dugan 541-346-3189

Vendor Set-ups, W9's & W8's (forms), Check copies

Business Affairs : Information Systems

Information Systems
Position Name Email Phone
Director Mark McCulloch 541-346-6249
Banner Training Brian Strait 541-346-2387
IDR Reports Michael Walsh 541-346-1117
System Administration Jody Bleisch 541-346-1102
System Administration Michael Clark 541-346-2030
Web Application Development Joseph Muennich 541-346-3144
Site Administrator Paul Naylor 541-346-0814

Business Affairs : Payroll Services

Payroll Services
Questions: 541-346-3151
Payroll (Fax): 541-346-2393

Position Name Email Phone Functions
Director Anita Gurule 541-346-2975


Operations Manager Elisabeth Howe 541-346-3092
GE Payroll Specialist Keri Bartow 541-346-1101

GE Payroll, Unpaid/Courtesy Appointments, PAAs

Senior Payroll Accountant Eric Bever 541-346-0839

Payroll Accounting

Retirement Payroll Specialist Jay Butler 541-346-1126

W-4s, Direct Deposits, Address Change, Retirement

Work Study Payroll Specialist Austin Doerksen 541-346-1108

Off-Campus Work-Study

Foreign National Specialist Erin Driscoll 541-346-1122

Foreign National Tax, Social Security No.,Name Change

Academic Payroll Specialist Chad Hartvigsen 541-346-1106

Academic Payroll

Academic Pay/Retirement Specialist Adrian Hartvigsen 541-346-1132

Academic Payroll, Retirement

Student Payroll Specialist Mike Kasahun 541-346-1121

Student Payroll

Payroll Accountant Cathy McDermond 541-346-3148

Payroll Accounting, Garnishments

Payroll Tax Accountant Crissy Jo Nesbitt 541-346-9135

Payroll Taxes

Classified Payroll Specialist Mindy Schmidling 541-346-2960

Classified/Temporary Payroll

UKG System Analyst Gail Glader 541-346-1698

Business Affairs : Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services
Questions: 541-346-3170
Position Name Email Phone
Director Krista Borg 541-346-3120
General Number: 541-346-3154
Cashiers (Fax): 541-346-3137

Position Name Email Phone
Manager Mike Syljuberget 541-346-3164
Deposit Coord/Trainer Stacy Vigil 541-346-3155
Cashier Gina Thompson 541-346-2133
Cashier Thomas Morter 541-346-2132
Cashier Val Menge 541-346-3209
Main Line: 541-346-3215
Collections (Fax): 541-346-6049

Position Name Email Phone Functions
Revenue Agent Kimberly Wylie 541-346-1113

Past due/collections for university billing accounts

Program Representative Maryam Peigahi 541-346-4616

Past due/collections for university billing accounts

Student Billing
Questions: 541-346-3170
Student Billing (Fax): 541-346-6049

Position Name Email Phone Functions
Manager Kathleen Brown 541-346-1196
Fiscal Coordinator Lara Grant 541-346-1086

Accounting, cognos reporting, military programs

A/R Accountant Jallene Cammack 541-346-1089

AR dept reconciliations

Student Account Specialist Vianney Reyes Ramirez 541-346-1085

Housing liaison, Returned Checks, Resource Aid and VA payments

Student Account Specialist Kari St. Aubyn 541-346-3172

Student refund specialist

AR Program Technician Kate Thompson 541-346-1055

TRA 1098T processing, sponsored students-international, student refunds

AR Administrative Specialist Amity Miles 541-346-1087

Domestic contracts, 529 plans

Business Affairs : Financial Services

Position Name Email Phone Functions
Asst. Director and Manager Brett Giles 541-346-1114
Fiscal Coordinator Robbin Howard 541-346-1115

FIS Accounting, Leases, Chart Maintenance

FIS Control Accountant Jill Ritz 541-346-1256

Lease and Rental Accounting, Treasury Accounting, Approval Queues

FIS Control Accountant Philip Davis 541-346-3524

FIS Accounting, Treasury Accounting

Financial Analysis Reporting
Position Name Email Phone
Manager Stuart Mellor 541-346-7215
Fiscal Analyst Ana Vaquer-Flynn 541-346-7216
Fiscal Analyst Christina Green 541-346-3121
Property Control
Position Name Email Phone Functions
Asst. Director and Manager Brett Giles 541-346-1114

Property Control Manager

Property Control Accountant Aly Roper 541-346-3190

Property Accounting, Inventory, & Surplus

Property Control Accountant Dylan DeRosa 541-346-3163

Property Accounting, Inventory, & Surplus

Inventory Control Specialist Cheyenne Dickenson 541-346-0827

Property Tagging & Inventory

Equipment Systems Specialist Andy Schubert 541-346-6573

Surplus Property & E-Waste

Questions: 541-346-3100

Position Name Email Phone
Manager Brooke Millett-Montgomery 541-346-3445
Travel Technician Sally Frisella 541-346-0812
Travel Technician Angie Towle 541-346-5430
Tax Accounting - Non Payroll
Position Name Email Phone
Senior Tax Analyst/Accountant Joy Germack 541-346-0782

Business Affairs : Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations
Position Name Email Phone
Director Jeff Schumacher 541-346-0809
Treasury Analyst Jesse Williams 541-346-2870