Finance and Accounting

Important Fiscal Year 19 Period 05 to Close December 7th at 5:00pm
Financial Services Administration
Position Name Email Phone
Director Rob Freytag 541-346-1116 Map pin
Position Name Email Phone Functions
Asst. Director and Manager Brett Giles 541-346-1114 Map pin
Fiscal Coordinator Robbin Howard 541-346-1115 FIS Accounting, Leases, Chart maintenance, IIJV's
FIS Control Accountant Jill Ritz 541-346-1256 Lease and Rental Accounting, Treasury Accounting
FIS Control Accountant Philip Davis 541-346-3524 FIS Accounting, Treasury Accounting
Financial Analysis Reporting
Position Name Email Phone
Manager Stuart Mellor 541-346-7215
Fiscal Analyst Ana Vaquer-Flynn 541-346-7216
Tax Accounting
Position Name Email Phone
Senior Tax Analyst/Accountant Joy Germack 541-346-0782 Map pin