DuckWeb for Employees

Additional Resources

DuckWeb allows employees to look at salary, leave balances, and paycheck detail that is pulled directly from employee and job record information stored in the Banner Human Resources Information System (HRIS). In addition, employees may enroll in direct deposit on-line and update their mailing address. The list below also includes other options available to employees via DuckWeb.

  • Earnings Statement: On DuckWeb, current and past earnings statements may be viewed or printed at any time. Net pay information is usually available three days prior to payday. The UO has a 'paperless option' available on DuckWeb for direct depositors.
  • Direct Deposit: Employees may enroll in direct deposit on DuckWeb. They can also make updates such as changes of bank/credit union or a change in a fixed/percentage deduction allocation.
  • Job Record Changes: This section details dates of pay increases and other important job record details.
  • Deduction History
  • Leave Balance Information: Employees may view their leave balance history charts. *Note - some leave balance adjustments made manually by Payroll or HR staff will not be reflected in the leave detail records but will be included in the leave balances.
  • Mailing Address: Employees may use DuckWeb to keep their mailing address information current. Changes may be made in the Personal File cabinet section.
  • W-4: You can view your W-4 filing status and alllowances in Duckweb.
  • QuickPAY: From DuckWeb, employees may access the university's electronic billing and payment section.
  • Vote in university elections
  • Change PAC
  • Change Duckweb security questions

When is Information Available In DuckWeb?

Item When Available
Leave Balances Generally 3 days before payday.
Earnings Statement Generally 3 days before payday.
Deduction History Generally 3 days before payday.
Direct Deposit Changes Daily
Job Record Changes Daily
Mailing Address Changes Daily
Manual Checks Daily
W-4 Changes Daily

Printing Issues (Earning Statement)

  • General browser configuration information is available in the "Earnings Statement Detail" window of DuckWeb.
  • Always have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
  • Macintosh Users: The DuckWeb print option works successfully from Safari, but will only work in Firefox if Firefox preferences are set to Adobe Acrobat.