Union Dues

The University of Oregon has five bargaining units.

These include:

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United Academics (UA)

Dues (UFU)  - 1.10% of Gross Pay.  Effective Oct 2013. 

If a dues paying member of the United Academics union wishes to cancel their membership, they can either send an email or a letter directly to the union.

United Academics
872 East 13th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

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Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

  • Non-Member Dues (UAF)  - 1.70% of Gross Pay.  $5.00/month minimum.  Effective July 2018.
  • Dues (UAD)  - 1.70% of Gross Pay.  $5.00/month minimum.  Effective Feb 2003.
  • SEIU Issues (UDA) - $2.75/month for full time employees, $1.38/month for part time employees.
  • SEIU Associate Dues (UAA) - $10.00/month.

When an SEIU dues member moves from a classified to an unrepresented Faculty or OA position, they will continue to pay SEIU Associate Dues unless they cancel their membership.
SEIU Members and Associate Members need to formally notify the SEIU in writing, with signature, that they want to cancel their membership.
Once these requests have been processed by the SEIU, they will notify the UO Payroll Office and the deduction will be terminated.  For questions, contact the SEIU Local 503 office in Salem at (844) 503-7348.  All written correspondence should be mailed to:

SEIU Local 503
Attn: Melissa Rivers
PO Box 12159
Salem, OR 97309 

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Graduate Teaching Fellows Foundation (GTFF)

  • Dues  (UUD)  - Based on Monthly Salary Amount, Effective August 2018
Monthly Salary Dues Rate
Below $1,111.00 2.10% of Gross Pay
Between $1,111.00  and $1,944.99 2.20% of Gross Pay
$1,945.00 or higher 2.30% of Gross Pay
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University of Oregon Police Association (UOPA)

  • Dues (UPD) - Fixed monthly rate of $85.00/month.  Effective Mar 2020.
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  • Dues (UGD) - Fixed monthly rate based on weekly gross pay.

Employees should send an email to cbainfo@uoregon.edu if they have questions of their own. 

For additional information about the UO bargaining units or CBA's please reference the HR Website.

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