Step-by-Step Procedure

Provide Business Purpose for travel

Enough detail should be included so anyone unfamiliar with travelers department or program will be able to determine the benefit to the UO. Details should include who traveled, what they did, why they traveled, and any details deemed important to explain the circumstances. Spell out acronyms.

Travelers can provide documentation to explain the business purpose, e.g. email confirming appointment, conference or meeting agenda, grant abstract, etc. When documentation is not available, travelers should provide a daily log to document a business purpose for all days for which expenses are claimed. The log should include dates, name(s) of the organization(s) involved; names and positions of individuals visited/consulted; places, monuments, or institutions visited; or other descriptions as appropriate. A description of the activity should be specific and mention, for example, the research topic, paper title, etc., as appropriate.

Steps to Complete

1.) Inadequate Descriptions:

Attend Conference

Research Book


Meet with Colleagues

Site Visits

Give a lecture


2.) Adequate business purpose descriptions with additional notes to offer supporting details:

Attend and present at the Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Intellectual Disability. The conference is March 5-7 at Hotel Allegro in Chicago, IL. This is in support of xxx grant objectives. Two personal days at end of the trip. Comparison airfare quote attached shows business only price is more than actual air expense.

Field trip to the Mojave Desert to study vertebrate fossil sites. Research agenda, grant abstract attached.

In state mileage for fall term to attend events, board meetings and town hall meetings, meet with alumni, conduct student recruitment, and meet with marketing representatives and UO colleagues to discuss recruitment efforts. Specific trip details outlined in the attached mileage log.

Related Procedures

Create a Request

Travel expenses may be paid or reimbursed provided the trip and reimbursement request are approved by authorized campus personnel. Creating a Request in Concur is the first step in the process and must be completed prior to purchasing airfare.

An approved Request is required to:

• Establish travel budget

• Populate Concur Locate for UO Safety and Risk’s duty of care requirements

• Book airfare either through the booking tool or the travel agency

1.) Log in to Concur at using your Duck ID and password.
2.) On the top navigation bar, click Request, click Create New, New Request
3.) Request Header

Enter required fields, indicated by a red bar. Business purpose should be thorough and complete and clearly demonstrate the benefit to the university. Once you have entered all required fields, click the blue Save button. This will open the Segments tab where you will enter any airfare, lodging, rental cars or train segments needed for your trip.

4.) Segments

Click on the Segments tab. This is where you will enter the transportation and lodging portions of your trip. Once your report is approved, you will get a Book button on the request. See additional instructions for how to book from an approved Request.

5.) Expenses

Click on the Expenses tab. Click on Expense Type, enter the required information. (Required fields are indicated by a red bar.) The following examples are provided for the most common expenses.
Click Save.

6.) Submit Request

Once you are satisfied that everything is correct, click Submit Request.
If you have requested personal travel in conjunction with your business trip, the request will be reviewed by the Travel Office for compliance prior to department approval. You must provide comparison airfare for business vs business + personal travel. It is preferred that you obtain this quote from your Travel Management Company.