Tuition & Mandatory Fees

Tuition and mandatory fees are due at the beginning of each term and must be paid in full by the due date to avoid interest and billing fees. 

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Mandatory Fee Descriptions

Differential Tuition

Matriculation Fee

A matriculation fee is a one-time fee that all admitted students pay at the beginning of their first term.

Undergraduate International Student Fee

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Tuition & Course Fee Refunds and Penalties

Tuition and Fee penalties are assessed when credit hours are reduced after the 7th calendar day of the term. The penalty is a percentage of the tuition and/or fees owed on the classes for which the student was registered. Please view the Refund schedule for dates and percentages of penalties.

Resident Hall Room & Board

Room & Board charges are assessed by the term. Residence halls rates

Health Center Charges

If the student has private insurance, the University Health Center will provide the student with an itemized bill which the student can send to the insurance company to pay for services received at the University Health Center. The student must request the itemized statement from the Health Center. Health insurance information

Parking Fines

Please view: Department of Transportation Services Citations

University Apartments and Family Housing

Monthly rental charges are assessed on the student account on or about the 10th of each month and are due on the 1st of the following month.

Please check the University Housing webpage for more information on Family Housing.

Online Course Fee

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Course Fees

Course Fees cover instruction-related services such as materials consumed by a student as a part of the course or required field trip costs.

Self-Support Classes

Some classes at the university are self-supporting, meaning the university does not receive state funding for them. These courses have a fee attached to them in lieu of regular tuition charges. The most common examples are Basic Math, Basic English, various online classes, and weekend seminars.


Library Fines

Overdue fines are assessed for materials which are returned or renewed past the due date. The amount of the fine is calculated when material is returned.


The University of Oregon Bookstore is a separate entity; therefore, books and supplies will not appear on the student's billing account.