W-2 Information

The University of Oregon is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide all employees with a Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) to report the employee’s compensation and tax withholding amounts for the calendar year, on or before January 31st of the following year.

Box 18, 19, and 20 "EUG" - Eugene Community Safety Payroll Tax went into effect for pay periods starting on or after January 1, 2021. This is a Local Tax remitted on your behalf. Your employer is responsible for reporting subject wages and remitting any taxes due according to certain income thresholds. Additional information about the tax can be found on the City of Eugene's website.

Box 14 "ORSTTW" - The Oregon Department of Revenue requires employers to show the Oregon State Transit Tax in the memo box 14. The code "ORSTTW" designates the Oregon State Transit Tax. This is a component of your total state taxes paid for the year, but not part of your income tax withholding.

University employees may choose to receive their W-2 statement electronically via Duckweb or receive a paper copy mailed to the mailing address in Banner.  Employees may update their W-2 address via Duckweb.

Benefits of receiving an electronic Form W-2:

  • Secure, electronic access to W-2 at any time.
  • Email notification when online W-2 is available.
  • Immediate access once W-2 has been generated.
  • Support the universities commitment to sustainability.

Please read the following disclosure notice in its entirety, and follow the instructions to provide the required consent if you wish to receive your W-2 online.

Disclosure Notice

Employee Consent (Opt-in):

If an employee does not consent to receive an electronic version of the Form W-2, a paper copy will be mailed to the employee’s mailing address in Banner.  The “default” setting is for employees to receive paper W-2 forms via US mail.

Scope and Duration of Consent:

Consent for electronic W-2 delivery is effective immediately and for all subsequent tax years unless consent is withdrawn.  Employees will receive an email notification each year when the electronic W-2 forms are available for access.

Procedure for Obtaining Printed W-2 Forms After Consent is Given:

After giving consent, an employee may still request a paper W-2 by submitting a W2R Form (W-2/1042s Duplicate Request) at https://forms.uoregon.edu/form/launch/w-2-or-1042-s-duplicate-request or to the Payroll Office.  The request for a paper W-2 form will not terminate consent to receiving W-2’s electronically in the future.

Withdrawal of Consent (Opt-out):

An employee may withdraw consent at any time.  Consent withdrawn by employees is effective only for W-2 forms not yet issued and does not apply to previously issued W-2’s.  To withdraw your consent, you may change your selection in Duckweb to receive a paper copy. 

Separation of Service:

Employees who have separated from the university will continue to have access to previous years W-2’s through Duckweb.

Updating Information:

All employees are responsible for ensuring their address is correct for tax reporting purposes.  Employees may update their address via Duckweb. 

Hardware and Software Requirements:

The hardware and software required to access, print, and retain electronic W-2’s include an internet connection and an up to date web browser.  Computers meeting these requirements are available throughout campus, including the Library and Payroll Office.

Inaccessible W-2’s or Technical Problems:

If an employee has consented to receive an electronic W-2 and encounters technical difficulties, the employee should contact the Payroll Office at 541-346-3151.

Instructions for Electronic W-2 Consent via Duckweb:

  • Sign into Duckweb.
  • Navigate to the “Employee Information” tab.
  • Click “W-2 Wage and Tax Statement”.
  • Click on the “Electronic Regulatory Consent” link.
  • Check the “My Choice” box to consent to receive your W-2 electronically.
  • Click “Submit”.  A confirmation will appear towards the top of the page.

Instructions for Viewing Electronic W-2 via Duckweb:

  • Sign into Duckweb.
  • Navigate to the “Employee Information” tab.
  • Click on “W-2 Wage and Tax Statement”.
  • Select the correct tax year and University of Oregon from the drop down menus.
  • Click “Display”.
  • You will be able to view your W-2 information or click on “Printable W-2” near the bottom of the page to print an official version of your W-2.