decorative-icon Paycheck Delivery

Direct Deposit

Employees may have their paycheck deposited into their checking or savings accounts at most banks or credit unions nationwide. Employees may select a paperless option for viewing their earning statements on-line or have a printed earnings statement delivered in campus mail each payday.

By logging into DuckWeb, employees may at any time view or print current and prior month's earning statement. Employees may also decide at any time to receive a printed earning statement delivered via campus mail by simply changing their preference in DuckWeb or contacting the Payroll Office.

Employees may now enroll in direct deposit on DuckWeb or may complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form, with a voided check or other document from the bank that provides routing and account numbers.  Instructions for enrolling through Duckweb can be found on the Direct Deposit/Paperless Option webpage.

US Mail

Employees who do not choose to sign up for direct deposit will have their regular monthly paycheck mailed to their mailing address on file at the time of processing. Checks are not held for pickup.

Manual Pay Events