Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration


The University of Oregon is the largest employer in Lane County, issuing over 15,000 W-2s a year. Our average monthly payroll during the academic year pays approximately 10,000 employees. The amount individuals paid varies due to fluctuations in the temporary, seasonal, and student employee population. Our Human Resource Information System (HRIS), which was implemented in January 1999, has a decentralized model for time entry. Staff in over 150 departments enter pay and leave information during a three day period each month.

The University has an online procedure manual known as the BANNER Guide. The BANNER Guide contains procedures for the university finance, human resources, and student systems - FIS, HRIS and SIS (Finance Information System, Human Resource Information System, and Student Information System).

Training, Access, and Security

In accordance with the BAO Segregation of Duties policy , departments are expected to have at least two staff members trained to process the monthly payroll. Monthly HRIS training sessions are available for staff in your department. Departmental authorization is required for access to BANNER HRIS. Two forms are required:

  • BANNER Access Form (BAF)
  • FIS/HRIS User Profile Form (FUP)

These forms are available on our forms page.

Payroll Review & Reports Available

After each payroll is processed, department heads and directors may review a number of Oracle reports listing all salary (hours worked and rate) of pay, leave reported, and benefit expenses charged to departmental accounts.  It is the responsibility of departmental administrators to review these reports on a timely basis, and to immediately notify the Payroll Department of any discrepancies or irregularities.

There are several departmental reports available to ensure pay/leave accuracy and administrative overview of the monthly payroll expense:

  • Hours Entered Report (recommend monthly review by payroll administrator)
  • Leave Balance Report (recommend monthly review by payroll administrator)
  • Monthly Payroll Expense Report for Managers /Payroll Expense by Person (Executive summary for department head review)

These and several other reports available to managers and payroll administrators are shown with instructions on the HRIS Reports page.

Payroll Guidelines

It is important that all administrators and those closely involved in payroll processing and overall departmental administration be familiar with the university's payroll guidelines

Hiring and Termination Checklist

We stongly encourage departments to use the Employee Checklist upon hire, termination or extended leave.


HRIS Contacts

Quick Reference Chart for HRIS Contacts: Payroll Office, Human Resources, and Graduate School contacts.

UO Department Payroll Contacts

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