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Notice: The new Work Share Program Payroll Advance form is now available (see below).


The university will process an advance on an employee's wages prior to the designated payday in case of emergencies. The amount advanced is calculated at 60% of earnings to date. Taxes and other deductions are processed on the regular month-end paycheck.

An emergency situation is an unusual, unforeseen event or condition that requires immediate financial attention by an employee. Emergencies include but are not limited to the following circumstances:


A maximum of two emergency payroll advances per year are available for regular UO staff in situations of
financial hardship. Financial hardship may result from an unusual, unforeseen event or condition that requires immediate financial attention.

Payroll advances are calculated on the employee's earned wages through the date of the request, not on projected earnings for the month. A maximum of sixty percent (60%) of gross wages may be advanced. All advances are subject to approval by the Payroll Office.

Temporary employees are eligible for one payroll advance per appointment.

Students are not eligible for payroll advances. However, students may apply for a short term loan which are available at the Student Billing Office.

*This policy is not applicable to the Work Share Payroll Advance. 


To request an emergency payroll advance submit the electronic Payroll Advance Request form. If you are unable to use the electronic form, there is a paper form available. The paper form does need to be signed by the employee and department personnel before submitting it to the Payroll Office.

Advances forms received and approved by noon each day will the following business day for employees with direct deposit. This should result in a deposit two business days after processing. For employees without direct deposit, the check will be processed at the next possible window, and will be mailed to the address on file the morning following processing.

*This procedure is not applicable to the Work Share Payroll Advance.

Work Share Program

Work Share Program

The Work Share payroll advance was available to participants in the program while they wait for their unemployment benefits to begin.  Participants were limited to one Work Share payroll advance per month.  The amount of the advance can either align with the Work Share FTE reduction percentage chosen by the employee or be a lesser fixed amount.  All Work Share payroll advances will be collected from the September and October 2020 paychecks. 

Calculation of Work Share Payroll Advance

Salaried employees – Salaried employees will begin to see the decrease in pay on their June paycheck.  If the employee selects either the 20% or 40% advance, it will be calculated by multiplying their monthly salary by their FTE reduction percentage.  

Hourly employees – Hourly employees will begin to see the decrease in pay on their July paycheck.  If the hourly employee chooses a Work Share Payroll Advance, it can be added to their July paycheck, as long as they meet the deadline posted below.  Work Share payroll advances submitted after the deadline will be processed separately in an off-cycle payroll run in August.   If the hourly employee selects either the 20% or 40% advance amount, it will be calculated by multiplying their regular rate of pay by their reduced hours.  Reduced hours will be calculated using the average monthly working hours in a year.  For full-time employees, that is 173.33 hours.  Example: For a full-time employee who reduced their FTE by 20%, the calculation would be 173.33 * .20 = 34.67 hours.  The advanced amount would then be calculated by multiplying the 34.67 hours by their regular rate of pay.   For employees who normally work less than full time, the average hours used in the calculation will be a proration of the 173.33 hours.

*Participants who do not want their advance to match their FTE reduction, can request a lesser amount on the form.

Deadline for Submission of the Work Share Payroll Advance Form 

Salaried Employees:

WS Advance Pay Date                                       Submission Deadline

July 10                                                                  July 6

July 17                                                                  July 10

July 24                                                                  July 17

Hourly and Salaried Employees:

WS Advance Pay Date                                       Submission Deadline

July 31                                                                  July 17

August 7                                                               July 31

August 14                                                             August 7

August 21                                                             August 14

August 31                                                             August 21


Repayment of Advance

Repayment of the Work Share payroll advance will begin in September 2020.  This should allow sufficient time for unemployment benefits to begin.  If for some reason an employee still hasn’t received their unemployment benefits by September 10, they should contact Shelby Cooper, to discuss repayment options.

If an employee requests more than one Work Share payroll advance, the total amount will be divided equally and deducted from both their September and October 2020 paychecks.

Example – A participant requested a Work Share payroll advance in both July and August totaling $2500.  The Payroll Office will deduct $1250 ($2500/2) from their September and October 2020 paychecks.

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