Payroll FAQs

1.When is Payday?

The last working day of the month.

2. Where do I pick up my payroll check?

COVID-19 Operational Update: Paychecks are not being distributed at the Payroll counter.  All paychecks are being mailed to the Mailing address currently on file.

3. I signed up for direct deposit.  Where do I get my earning statement?

If you are still receiving a paper earning statement, those can be picked up in your department.  If you have elected to go paperless then your earning statements are viewable in Duckweb.

4. How do I change my name with the University?

IRS requires that the name in the payroll system match the name on your social security card.

Visit the Social Security Office (2504 Oakmont Way) between 9am and 4:30pm weekdays to change your SS card. Then bring your new card to your department administrator or Payroll Office and complete the Name Change Form.

5. How do I change my campus address and phone number?

Campus Addresses are updated by Telecommunication Services. To make a change, please submit a request via the Service Portal here.

6. How do I update my W-4 or OR-W4?

Submit a W-4 or OR-W4 by the 15th of the month to Payroll by fax (541-346-2393), in person at the Thompson University Center, campus mail, or US mail (Payroll, P.O. Box 3237, Eugene, OR 97403).  See IRS Tax Publications for more information.
For international employees see W-4 International Version.

7. How do I initiate or change my direct deposit?

You may enroll or change your direct deposit on DuckWeb or you may submit a Direct Deposit Authorization Form with a voided blank check to the Payroll Office.  Instructions for enrolling through Duckweb can be found on the Direct Deposit/Paperless Option webpage.

The University encourages all employees to choose the "paperless option" for viewing your earnings statement on-line. You may select this option in the Earnings Statement section of DuckWeb or on the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Remember, you have the option of printing your earnings statement at any time for current or past months from DuckWeb.

8. How do I view and print my W-2 via DuckWeb?

  • Navigate to the “Employee Information” tab.
  • Click on “Tax Information”.
  • Click on “W-2 Wage and Tax Statement”.
  • Select the correct tax year and University of Oregon from the drop down menus.
  • Click “Display”.
  • You will be able to view your W-2 information or click on “Printable W-2” near the bottom of the page to print an official version of your W-2.

9. How do I change my mailing address?

10. How do I access DuckWeb if I've forgotten my Personal Access Code (PAC)?

You can contact HR at 541-346-3159 to reset your PAC.