Step-by-Step Procedure

Booking Guest Travel in Concur using the Online Booking Tool

Use this method to book travel for a guest who is NOT a candidate coming to interview for UO employment.
If the guest is a candidate, then you MUST use a TMC (Travel Management Company-travel agency) as you cannot legally ask their Date of Birth. Refer to instructions for "TMC Assisted Bookings" for this process.
For Guest travel you must start in the Booking Tool (versus Request like you would for a UO employee). A Request form will present at the completion of the booking and the reservation can only be ticketed upon approval of the Request, emailed and received by the TMC. Because airline bookings are extremely time sensitive, before beginning be sure to have your approver available to complete the transaction.

Steps to Complete

1.) Log-in to Concur with your UO ID at
2.) From the Home page in Concur, find the "TRIP SEARCH' tool on the left of the screen.

Below "TRIP SEARCH", select "Booking for a Guest".

3.) Enter trip search details:

a. Select either "Round Trip," or "One Way," or "Multi City."

b. Start spelling the city or airport you would like from the designated boxes and be sure to select your option from the drop down list.

c. Select the dates from the calendars and the times from the drop downs and click the “Search” button.

4.) Look at flight option results from the search. Adjustments can be made to the search fields.

See Step-by Step for Booking Tool Search Filters

5.) Once you have decided on a flight click the “View Fares” button or the blue button that shows the price of the ticket.

6.) Carefully review "Rules" & "Benefits/Services" for each fare option before selecting fare.

Consider selecting a coach fare that allows for changes with a fee, and includes complimentary seat assignments and a carry on bag. Basic economy fares have many add on fees and cannot be changed. these should be avoided for business travel.

The fares with a yellow caution triangle are Basic Economy/Saver tickets, which include the following restrictions (Fees apply for seats,bags, etc and once added,often do not represent a savings):

a. No changes or refunds.

b. No advance seat assignment-additional fees required

c. No checked and often no carry-on bags-additional fees required

d. No advanced check in. Seats will be assigned after check in at the airport

e. Check personal frequent flyer mileage point accumulation. Airlines differ

f. No upgrades

g. Passengers with Basic Economy/Saver tickets board last. No priority boarding

7.) In the "Review and Reserve Flight" screen, you need to:

Review the flight and enter the Guest Traveler's information:

a. Name- first and last names need to be identical to the identification that the guest traveler will be presenting at airport

b. Gender, date of birth, phone number and email address

c. Frequent flyer number, if provided by traveler

d. Select seats

8.) Review Price Summary & Select A Method of Payment.

a. Review the total cost of the flight.

b. Choose the Lodge card (the TMC credit card indicated by DT = Direct Travel or PT= Premier Travel) credit card from the "Select a Method of Payment" drop down menu "Choose a credit card".

c. If details are correct click "Reserve Flight and Continue" button, if edits are necessary, click "Back" button (do not use the back arrow).

9.) Complete the Request:

Complete the Request as instructed in the “Notify the TMC of a Request Approval” Step-by-Step:

Your reservation will be ticketed when your TMC receives the emailed Approved Request.