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Guest Decision Tree (pdf)

Guest Travel Workflow

Review the Guest Decision Tree to determine whether your Guest will require a UO Personal Services Contract (PSC) and how to compensate them for Fees for Services or to pay or reimburse travel expense.

Important Notes:

  • Hosting department must not purchase airfare or plan travel reservations until they have received either the Volunteer Service Form, W9 Form, or W8 Form from the guest traveler. The information provided by these documents will inform the type of guest, what travel expenses the UO may pay for, and how they will pay for these expenses.
  • UO employees must not pay for UO guests’ travel expenses out of their own pockets.

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Non-Employees/Volunteer Workers/Independent Contractors

UO Travel Policy: Travel-Expense Reimbursement Eligibility:  #7 Non Employees/Volunteers/Independent Contractors

Travel expenses for these individuals may only be reimbursed to the guest when incurred in conjunction with providing a service to campus through a formal or informal contractual relationship.  UO employees may not pay expenses for non-employees and be reimbursed due to IRS reporting requirements.  This includes but is not limited to Consultants, Entertainers, Guest Speakers, Visiting Experts, Individuals, Grant Participants and Companies. Due to IRS tax liability, determination must be made as to whether the individual is performing work as an employee of the university, serving as a volunteer, participating in a grant activity, or performing services as an independent contractor. Include this information in the travel reimbursement business purpose. A/P Vendor Set Up.

Independent Contractors: Reimbursement for services provided by an independent contractor operating as a company rather than as an individual must be paid as an invoice in Banner and coded to a tax reportable account code 24599. The amount is added to their 1099 at year end. Be sure to review travel payment provisions on the PSC contract. A copy of the contract must be included as support documentation.

Travel expenses are reimbursed in Concur to an individual; itemized receipts showing payment by the individual are required.

Independent Contractor Payment Options

  • (a)Fee for Services only (preferred method): Travel/miscellaneous expenses are paid by the independent contractor. A fee is paid for their services using the Personal Services Contract form (PSC) and processed in Banner. No receipts are required by the UO; receipts are retained by the independent contractor. The total amount is reported on a 1099 at the end of the calendar year.
  • (b)Fee for Services plus Reimbursed Expenses (travel expenses paid by contractor and reimbursed by UO): Reimbursement is made in Concur, in accordance with campus travel policy and the IRS Accountable Plan rules. The PSC must state that travel/miscellaneous expenses will be reimbursed separately. Independent contractor pays their travel/miscellaneous expenses personally and applies for travel reimbursement after the trip is complete. Include a copy of the PSC with the travel reimbursement. Receipts are required.
  • (c)Fee for Services plus Travel Expenses paid directly to vendors by UO: The PSC must state that travel/miscellaneous expenses are paid separately. Airfare is purchased through one of the UO contract travel agencies. Upload a copy of the PSC to the airfare authorization. Lodging is paid directly to the hotel up to applicable per diem plus tax. Incidental and personal expenses are the responsibility of and must be paid by the independent contractor. Meals can only be reimbursed if they have not been hosted and are paid at current per diem rates. Miscellaneous expenses, i.e. taxis, phones, etc. may be reimbursed as allowable by UO travel policy.
  • (d)Travel Expenses Only (paid by contractor and reimbursed by UO): No PSC is required. If the independent contractor does not charge a fee for their services, there is no PSC. The contractor pays their travel expenses personally and reimbursement is processed in Concur; receipts are required. Or the UO may pay for expenses directly to vendors as described in (c).

Official Volunteer Workers

A volunteer is a person appointed to perform official university duties without compensation or remuneration.  Individuals volunteer as a public service, for civic and humanitarian as well as personal development reasons.  The university receives the primary benefit from services performed by a volunteer. Volunteer services are performed at the request or consent of and under the direction and control of a university department or program. The university department or program is responsible to oversee work to ensure each volunteer complies with all applicable university policies and procedures as well as all local, state and federal requirements and laws.

A department that intends to reimburse or pay travel expenses for anyone who performs volunteer work for UO must have this form on file with UO Safety and Risk Services.

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UO Participant Support/Non UO Participant Support

Participant support is “scholarship-type” travel and primarily is for the benefit of the traveler. Use this guide to help determine if travel is participant support.   The participant support account code guidance document from Sponsored Project Services (SPS) suggests using account code 55105 for post doc travel which is paid as an invoice in banner. Participant Support guidance for grant funds. You can create a document trail by using the check request or disbursement request form found on Accounts Payable forms tab.

  • UO Student Aid Participant Support payments to UO students are processed as a Banner invoice. Use account codes 55105 or 55108.  Use this Participant Support Information guide to help determine if the travel/traveler is considered Participant Support
  • Non UO Participant Support (for non US persons, select Non UO Participant Support, Non Resident Alien) payments for non UO participants are processed in Concur, are required to adhere to UO travel policy, and require itemized receipts. Select Trip Type "#3 Non UO Participant Support" or #5 Non UO Participant Support Non Resident Alient) using the Guest Policy.
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International Visitors

Travel reimbursements or third-party payments (hotels, travel agency, etc.) on behalf of non-resident aliens are subject to restrictions associated with the visa type in which they entered the U.S. This includes non-resident aliens who are already inside the U.S. Refer to Payment Process for International Visitors to verify when the payment of honorariums or other forms of reimbursements meet federal restrictions. Provide copies of the guest's I-94 and/or ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), along with a copy of the UO international Visitors Declaration form if necessary, with the travel reimbursement.

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Prospective Employees

UO Travel Policy: Travel-Expense Reimbursement Eligibility #4 Prospective Employees

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Booking Guest Air Travel

Use this checklist to book travel for your guest:

  • Use the Guest Decision Tree to determine if your guest requires a PSC (Personal Services Contract) before making any travel arrangements.
  • Book air using either the booking tool (see Concur Step-by-Step for Booking Guest travel in the Booking Tool) or contacting your TMC. You will need to provide this information:
    • Name as it appears on their government issued ID
    • Date of birth (non-candidates only. Candidates must contact the TMC to provide their DOB information)
  • Guests may seek reimbursement for personally purchased tickets with receipt and in accordance with UO travel policy.
  • Vendor set up – contact Accounts Payable with the guest’s W-9 or W-8
  • Enter a pre-travel approval in Request prior to ticketing
  • Guest’s expense report should be started in Concur from the approved Request as soon as your airline ticket has been purchased to provide a home for the transaction and supporting documents.
  • Accommodations – The UO Hotel Pricing Partner program hotels allow for a PO in order to pay directly.  All other travel expenses must be claimed on the Concur expense report for reimbursement.
  • You will need to obtain this attestation to attach to the expense report:

“I have reviewed my trip to DESTINATION on DATE for $XXX.XX and I certify that this claim is true and correct and that no part has been claimed previously or will be claimed from any other source.”

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Travel Visas

A visa is an official document that allows the bearer to legally enter a foreign country. The visa is usually stamped or glued into the bearer’s passport.  There are several different types of visas, each of which afford the bearer different rights in the host country.

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UO Guest Apartment

UO Global Studies Institute offers completely furnished, 2 and 3 bedroom, one-bath guest apartments in the UO’s Spencer View Apartment Complex.  For more information, please visit their website.

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PSC - Personal Services Contract

W8BEN - required tax ID document for foreign citizens for vendor set up to receive a payment from UO

W9 – required tax ID document for US citizens for vendor set up to receive a payment from UO

Travel visa – A visa is an official document that allows the bearer to legally enter a foreign country. The visa is usually stamped or glued into the bearer’s passport. There a re several different types of visas, each of which afford the bearer different rights in the host country.

I-94 – I-94 shows the terms of your admission, including your legal status, length of time you may stay and expected departure date.  Department of Homeland Security

ESTA - ESTA is an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Tax Treaties - The United States has income tax treaties with a number of foreign countries. Under these treaties, residents (not necessarily citizens) of foreign countries may be eligible to be taxed at a reduced rate or exempt from U.S. income taxes on certain items of income they receive from sources within the United States. These reduced rates and exemptions vary among countries and specific items of income.

Fee for Services – option to pay independent contractor for services and travel expenses.  Processed in Banner to account code 24599 and results in a 1099 to the payee.

IRS Accountable Plan - UO Travel Policy: Tax Treatment

TMC – Travel Management Company, UO’s contracted travel agencies:

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