Property Control Resources


Asset Maintenance Form (AMF) : to document the transfer of capital assets within UO
Property Disposition Request Form (PDR) : submit any e-waste for disposal pick-up
Certification of Asset Disposal (CAD) : request the disposal of a non-e-waste capital asset, or record a capital asset as missing/lost, stolen, cannibalized, or traded-in
Intent to Construct Capital Equipment Form : to declare a Construction in Progress (CIP) asset
Gift-In-Kind Transmittal Form : report a gift received
Lease & Software Reporting Form : to report a new agreement that meets our capitalization threshold
Property Check-Out Form : used internally by departments to track equipment checked out to UO staff and students

Fixed Asset Banner Guides

FFIMAST : Query and view detailed records by asset number
FWIFLST : Reverse search to find asset number or generate lists by asset type or location