Property Control

What We Do

Tagging, tracking, and inventorying University of Oregon assets is a huge job. Worth $114 million in 125 departments, our nearly 20,000 assets are located throughout the state of Oregon-including Portland and Charleston, around the country-from Alaska to the East Coast, and even around the world-from Italy to the bottom of the ocean. Tagging and inventorying is a requirement of both the Federal Government and the State of Oregon and protects us all in the case of an audit, federal review, or loss. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in achieving this monumental task because we couldn’t do it without you.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Property Control is to ensure University of Oregon material assets are managed and secured in accord with applicable federal and state regulations.

  • Maintain accurate records and accountability for University property and for property under the care of the University and its employees.
  • Record and monitor the acquisition and disposal of equipment in a timely manner.
  • Assist departments with administering equipment procedures and guidelines.
  • Administer the University surplus property program.
  • Perform biennial physical inventories.
  • Monitor and track property on campus that is owned by outside entities.
Property Control
Position Name Email Phone Functions
Asst. Director and Manager Brett Giles 541-346-1114

Property Control Manager

Map pin
Property Control Accountant Aly Roper 541-346-3190

Property Accounting, Inventory, & Surplus

Property Control Accountant Dylan DeRosa 541-346-3163

Property Accounting, Inventory, & Surplus

Inventory Control Specialist Cheyenne Dickenson 541-346-0827

Property Tagging & Inventory