FAQs Refund of Overpayments

How do students get a credit balance refunded after Financial Aid has disbursed to their account?

If the financial aid and scholarships exceed allowable charges on the students account, the credit balance will be refunded. The preferred method for students to receive refunds is via direct deposit into the students bank account. If Direct Deposit is not established, then a financial aid refund check will be mailed to the students mailing address of record. For this reason it is recommended that students establish Direct Deposit or ensure that the mailing address is kept current at all times.

How do students set up Direct Deposit to receive refunds?

Sign up for Direct Deposit online via Duckweb.

  • Directions:   (PDF version of instructions)

  • Login to Duckweb using your UO ID & PAC
  • Select Student Menu
  • Select Direct Deposit
  • Authenticate using your DuckID, password, and Duo
  • Select “Add New” under Employee Reimbursement and Student Account Refunds
  • Input your bank account information
  • Check box  to authorize UO to initiate Direct Deposit

Please contact your financial institution to confirm routing or account numbers. Additional instructions for payroll direct deposit.

What happens when there is a credit balance on the student billing account from an overpayment?

Credit balances from personal payments are refunded upon the students or authorized payers request or if the student is no longer enrolled at the University of Oregon. Unless a refund is requested (stubills@uoregon.edu), credit balances will generally remain on the account to apply to future charges. Please note that there is a two week hold on electronic or mailed check payments before the refund will be issued. The refund is issued to the student and if the student has not established direct deposit, the refund check will be mailed to the mailing address in Duckweb.

When will refunds be issued for students who have reduced their credit hours?

Students who have credit balances on their account from reducing credit hours will be issued refunds after the last day to add/drop classes.

  • Full time - refunds issued weekly
  • Part time - end of add/drop dates

What happens when there is a credit balance on the student billing account if the student has financial aid and the parent has a Parent Loan?

Parent Loans are disbursed to the students billing account. When there is a combination of student financial aid and a Parent Loan, the Parent Loan is applied to the students charges first.

When there is a credit balance after allowable charges have been paid, a refund is issued.

  • If the parent selected the student to receive the refund, the credit balance will be refunded to the student.
  • If the parent selected to receive the refund, the credit balance will be refunded to the student up to the amount of the students financial aid. Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to the parent. 

When are Parent Loan refunds issued?

Parent Loan refunds are mailed approximately one week after the term begins.