Student Travel

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Types of Student Travel

1.) Student Groups and Teams

See: UO Travel Policy ”Travel Expense Reimbursement Eligibility”  [6] Students

  • Transportation:
    University policy on Traffic, Parking and Vehicle Safety (former OAR 580-40-0030) provides guidelines regarding transportation of students in a state owned, leased or controlled vehicle:
  • Travel Expenses paid by a coach, athletic director or group leader:
    A university employee, such as a coach, athletic director, or group leader, may pay for the travel expenses of the team or group members.

    When reimbursing a university employee such as a coach, athletic director or group leader for student or team expenses, keep non-employee travel expenses separate from those of employees. Provide a detailed itemization of each person's expenses. Include an itemized vendor receipt for group or team meals. If no receipt is available, such as when individuals are provided cash to buy their own meals, a signature log listing each individual name, their signature, and the amount disbursed is required.    Meal per diem signature log sample form

  • One-Day Trips:
    Meal expenses for an athletic team or student group on a one-day trip may be reimbursed at actual cost (as opposed to per diem), up to allowable GSA per diem. An itemized receipt is required. University employees such as coaches, trainers, or group leaders who accompany and are responsible for the care, custody, or control of the team or group are also eligible for meal-expense reimbursement. The request for reimbursement must state that the expenses result from a trip by an athletic team or student group. 

2.) Employee/Staff: 

Students who travel as employees or officially designated representatives of the university may be reimbursed or have travel paid for business travel expenses per UO managed travel policy and IRS Accountable Plan. Travel reimbursement is processed in Concur as business travel.  Select “Traveler Type”: Staff.

3.) Scholarship - UO Participant Support/Non UO Participant Support:  Participant support is “scholarship-type” travel and primarily is for the benefit of the traveler. Use this tool to help determine whether the travel is UO Participant Support or UO Business travel.

  • UO Student Aid Participant Support payments to UO students are processed as a Banner invoice, using account codes 55105 or 55108.  Use this Participant Support Information guide from Sponsored Project Services to help determine if the travel/traveler is considered Participant Support.   Please also review the guidance in this document for post doc travel.  Create a document trail by using the check request or disbursement request form found on Accounts Payable forms tab.  If air is booked through the TMC or Concur Booking tool, process in Concur using Guest policy and under “Trip Type” select UO Participant Support Travel.
  • Non UO Participant Support payments for non UO participants/students are processed in Concur, are required to adhere to UO travel policy, and require itemized receipts and support documentation. In Concur use Guest Policy and select Trip Type #4 - Non UO Participant Support Travel or #5 - Non UO Participant Support Travel – Non-Resident Alien.
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Student Travel Information

Air Transportation for Students

Airline tickets for students traveling for UO business are required to follow UO managed travel policy and are purchased either through the TMC or the Concur booking tool using the UO Lodge Card.  See UO Travel Policy:  Common Carrier Fares, Air Travel for additional information.

Recruiting travel for prospective students may be either reimbursed or paid via the TMC.   Select Trip Type #4  Non UO Participant Support to process payments/reimbursements in Concur, which code to  286xx.  Receipts are required.

Vehicle Rental for Students

Students driving for UO business are required to obtain UO Driver's Certification from UO Transportation Services. 

Students who are authorized to drive for university business may be reimbursed for rental cars and should utilize the State of Oregon contracts.  The State of Oregon discount contracts allows for underage drivers age 18 – 25 years old without a minimum age surcharge. The state contracts also provide insurance coverage.  An itemized receipt is required for reimbursement.  See UO Travel Policy: Vehicle rental for more information.

Lodging for Students

See UO Travel Policy: Lodging 

CLERY Act - Student Lodging

The CLERY Act is a federal law that requires schools to collect and report crimes that may occur at student lodging while on away-trips. To meet CLERY Act requirements, faculty, staff and students must provide student lodging information to the CLERY Coordinator if it meets the criteria.

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Paying for Student Travel Expenses

Options for payment of expenses incurred as a result of business travel as Student Employee/Staff:

  1. Reimbursement - Students who travel as employees or officially-designated representatives of the university may be reimbursed for travel expenses.
  2.  One Card for administrative travel delegate for students – Please check with the Travel Office One Card Administrator ( or 6-3100) to determine if One Card is an appropriate solution for your department’s student expenses.  A One Card may be issued to a department travel delegate (non-traveler) who is tasked with travel planning and reconciliation of student travel expenses in Concur.  The delegate's One Card is used for prepaid student travel expenses like accommodations and prepaid ground transportation.  UO employees who travel with students including student leaders or coaches should apply for their own One Card for their business travel expenses, for group meals, and for student travel emergencies.  
  3. Cash Advance –  For UO employees or student group leaders who provide cash for students for meal per diem on student trips.  See UO Travel Policy, Travel Expense Payment, Procedures:  Options for Travel Funds:  Cash Advance

Option for payment for expenses related to Scholarship/UO Participant Support travel:

Scholarship travel awards are processed as payments in Banner (See Types of Student Travel above). Airfare may be purchased through the TMC or using the Concur Booking Tool and processing in Concur using Guest Policy and “Trip Type”: UO Participant Support Travel.

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UO Travel Policy references:

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