We sat down with some folks having success supporting Concur in academic areas to discover and share their secrets.

Three key ingredients:

  1. Develop an in house expert support team at the unit level who travelers are comfortable reaching out to.
  2. Craft clear communications to all college/school travelers about expectations (travel request, booking, receipts processing, approvals, and who to see for help.
  3. Provide just in time face to face, phone and email support.

How they did it:

  1. Took BAO classes, got hands on with the software every day, then participated in multiple BAO drop in sessions to work through problems.
  2. Communicated a strategy for assigning a travel delegate/expert who also serve as arranger and first level approver for requests and expense reports.
  3. Delegates/experts reviewed and approved the travelers first request then visited face to face to show them the ropes.  On subsequent trips the traveler typrically just needed phone support.

What they are doing now:

  1. Enrolling frequent travellers in the One Card program.
  2. Getting more familiar with and promoting the use of Concur mobile for receipts gathering and Tripit Pro for mobile itinerary alerts.
  3. Developing additional in house delegates for back up.
  4. Participating in BAO reporting classes.

The case studies:

College of Design, School of Journalism and Clark Honors College

School of Law

School of Music and Dance

International Affairs