FWIGLDD is a query page that allows users to display results for various combinations of fund or fund type and general ledger (GL) account code or account type, for a specified fiscal period/year. It also provides the ability to drill further down into detail by fund or account code based on the original level of detail in the query. General ledger account codes include assets, liabilities, control accounts, and fund balances.

To use:

  • From the Banner home screen, go to FWIGLDD.
  • Enter your desired fiscal year and combination of fund/fund type and account/account type. Fiscal period is optional.
  • The form also provides the option to drill down by fund (fund rollup level), account, or detail (detailed level for both fund and account).
  • To execute your query, push Alt+Page Down on your keyboard or click the Go or Next Section buttons on your screen.

A few examples of FWIGLDD queries include:

  • All GL account code rollup balances for a specific fund
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