US Bank One Card

One Card Guidelines
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It is recommended you sign up for US Bank online access to monitor your account, to watch for fraudulent activity, and to receive text alerts. See, US Bank One Card, One Card Online Access registration.

Be sure to file a travel alert with the bank when traveling internationally to avoid your card being blocked.

All charges placed on the One Card corporate card are billed to and paid by the University of Oregon. As such, this card is to be used only for approved expenses that are incurred as part of official business conducted on behalf of the University of Oregon.

All charges must be reconciled on a Concur expense report within 60 days of the completion of travel.  Itemized receipts (electronic) showing the detail of the expense and payment in full must be attached to your Concur expense report for all charges placed on the One Card corporate card.

APPROVED TRAVEL EXPENSES (Most common examples)

  • Hotel Rooms and associated business expenses, such as parking or internet access;
  • Ground Transportation, including:
    • Rental Car Gas;
    • Rental Cars;
    • Public Transportation (Taxi/Uber, trains, shuttles) with MAX gratuity of 15%;
    • Miscellaneous Parking Charges (airport, garage, etc.);
  • Airline Baggage Fees (two bags allowed);
  • Conference Registration Costs; and
  • Event Admission and other miscellaneous supplies or services required by your business purpose.


  • Any Personal Charges;
  • Meal expenses while traveling will need to be marked and reconciled as Personal/OneCard/NonReimbursable on your expense report.  You may claim meal per diem in accordance with UO travel policy;
  • Airfare, which is paid for using the university lodge card either through the Concur online booking tool, or Travel Management Company (TMC);
  • Airline upgrade fees;
  • Room service, laundry, mini bar, movies or other miscellaneous hotel expenses;
  • Event supplies, room rental, catering and other expenses for which a departmental pcard should be used
  • Gas charges for your personal vehicle when used for business, if you claim mileage reimbursement; and
  • Any other miscellaneous expenses that are not essential to your business purpose.

Violations: Any charges that are deemed personal, or in violation or excess of UO policy will be billed to and collected from the card holder in full. Repeated violations may result in cancellation of the card at the discretion of the University and additional penalties outlined and agreed upon during the card request process.

Agreement: By taking possession of the UO Corporate Travel Visa Card, I agree to use this card only for approved business travel expenses on behalf of the University of Oregon, I agree to submit original receipts for all expenses incurred during travel in a timely manner, and I understand that all expenses billed to this card are subject to review by UO personnel.

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