Emergency Loans

decorative-icon Emergency Loans

Under the emergency loan program, a maximum of $300.00 may be borrowed for up to ninety days interest free with a Service charge of $8.00 per loan. One Emergency Student Loan may be borrowed per term/semester.

To qualify for an emergency loan,a borrower must be admitted to the university and enrolled for the current term, with no outstanding Emergency Student Loans, and his or her student billing account must be in good standing. Past due charges are deducted from the proceeds of the loan. Government issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) is required.

University of Oregon staff members, Community Education and AEI students are not eligible to apply for an Emergency Student Loan. Apply for an Emergency Student Loan at the Student Billing Office located on 1st floor of Thompson University Center. After 90 days, loans that have not been repaid are subject to the Billing Account Terms and Conditions.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Term Loans Available
Fall Term 2018 September 17 - December 14
Winter Term 2019 December 31 - March 22
Spring Term 2019 March 25 - June 14
Summer Term 2019 A week before your classes begin

Law Students :

Semester Loans Available
Fall Semester 2018 August 20 - December 14
Spring Semester 2019 January 7 - May 13
Summer Semester 2019 May 21 - July 19