Access: Overview of the Process for New or Returning Employees


The Access to Technology chart and information is on the Information Technology Website.  This section of the IT website provides an excellent overview of access for new employees:

  • UO ID Number and PAC
  • DuckID and Password

Timing of PAC issuance and claiming of Duck ID 

Employees will need a PAC (Personal Access Code) and a UO ID number to activate their DuckID through DuckWeb which is needed for access to computing services such as e-mail, Canvas, wireless, VPN and more.  PACs are issued to new faculty, OA's, and classified employees once their biographic (PPAIDEN) and employee (PEAEMPL) records have been created in Banner.  PACs are not automatically generated for temporary employees, non-UO students, campus associates, or courtesy faculty.  However, these individuals may request a PAC from Human Resources.

Information on affiliation types and affiliation resource access rules are listed on the Identity Management section of the Information Services website at

The following article can assist your new employee in claiming their DuckID:

Reserving Username in PWADUCK

Departments can reserve a DuckID username for their new employees with Banner form PWADUCK.  All payroll coordinators with maintenance access to PHAHOUR  should also have maintenance access to PWADUCK.  See instructions for PWADUCK.  Once the name is reserved, the new employee will only be presented with this option when they claim their account.


After the Payroll Office creates the employee record, there is a time delay of one day for transfer of information to PEBB for benefit enrollment and to the Identity Management System at Information Services. 

It is important to know when employees will receive their access to a number of different services.  Access is tied to their affiliation to the UO. 

Access to DuckWeb for Employees

For access to DuckWeb for Employees, employees will need a UO ID number and a PAC (Personal Access Code).  Employees may not view DuckWeb for Employees until the biographic and employee records have been created in Banner by the Payroll Office.

Questions and Answers

When can my employee claim their Duck ID?
See Affiliation Access Rules on IS website.

When can classified employees begin using email?
Access to email will be available on the first day of employment.

What if my classified employee hasn't received their PAC on the first day of work? 
The employee will need an employee record in Banner.  Check Banner several days before the employees first day of work to see that this record has been created.  (Check PWIVERI or PEAEMPL).  If there is no employee information on either form, check MyTrack to verify that the employee has accepted their offer and the background check has been completed.

When can unclassified employees have access Canvas?

Seventy-five days prior to the start of employment or contract date.

Who determines the access rules for the various affiliations? 
Several years ago a committee was formed to set the guidelines and establish a formal policy for the UO.  Members consisted of representatives from Legal Counsel, Academic Affairs, Registrar, IS, Business Affairs, Human Resources, and the Library.

Where should employees be sent to have their PAC reset?
Employees should be directed to Human Resources.