Employee Working Outside Oregon

Please review Human Resources' guidance regarding Remote Work Based Outside of the State of Oregon, then follow the instructions below.

Permanently Working Outside Oregon

Immediately upon hiring an employee who will work in another state or country, your office will need to contact the appropriate offices.  The university may be required to purchase special workers’ compensation insurance for any UO employee who works and/or resides outside of Oregon.  This may also affect the proper state and/or city  tax withholding for the employee's home state.

Caution:  At the University of Oregon, many foreign national employees (employees that are neither U.S. citizens nor Lawful Permanent Residents of the U.S.) are only authorized to work on campus based on their visa status. In most cases, they cannot perform work off-campus or outside of the U.S. without authorization. This applies to those who will be hired to work and reside in their home country. It can be costly to departments and require tremendous amounts of time to correct employment and pay issues when work is performed off-campus or outside of the U.S. without authorization. Additionally, unauthorized employment of this nature may violate both U.S. labor laws and USCIS regulations pertaining to their visa. Therefore, we encourage all hiring managers to contact Business Affairs prior to the hiring process or prior to assigning a foreign national employee to work off-campus or overseas. 

Provide the following information to the Office of Risk Management, riskmanagement@uoregon.edu and, Eric Bever ebever@uoregon.edu before submitting hire documents.

  • Name of employee
  • State where the employee works
  • State of residence
  • UO ID
  • Date of hire
  • Brief description of job duties
  • Hourly rate (if employed in Washington State)
  • Work address (Not PO Box)
  • Estimated earnings for the current fiscal year
  • Start date of job
  • End date of job


Temporarily Working Outside Oregon

Employees who are Oregon residents, who are temporarily working outside of Oregon, and who will be returning to campus are covered under the standard Oregon Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy.   For these employees, departments still need to provide the required information to the Office of Risk Management, and Eric Bever.


Office of Risk Management
(541) 346-8316

Payroll Office
Eric Bever
(541) 346-0839


International Travel

See Office of Risk Management for important information related to international travel before your employee leaves the country.