Faculty and OA - Rehire Documents


If the employee is returning after a lapse in service, some documents may need to be re-submitted to the Payroll Office.  

Rehire Documents for Faculty and OAs Notes
Social Security Card  or Receipt Yes, if legal name has changed
EIF Yes, if there are any changes
W-4 Yes, if over one year
I-9 Yes, if over one year
Direct Deposit (Optional) Attached voided check if over 6 months
Additional Documents for US Residents 
USCIS  I- 551 Permanent Resident Alien Card or "Green Card" No, unless card has expired
Additional Documents for International Employees  
UO-NRA and copy of I-94 *  
Employment Authorization Card *  
8233 and Attachment * Only if claiming a tax treaty exemption

* Yes, if haven't submitted for current calendar year