Faculty and OA - Separation


When an employee leaves a job it is necessary to terminate the job record.

Pay Due

The BOLI guidelines for final paychecks do not apply to employees with contracts.  GEs, Faculty, and OAs whose contract end date occurs mid-month will receive payment at the end of the month on the regular payroll.   See the GTFF Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Faculty Handbook.  Otherwise, under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 652.140) we, as the employer, have an obligation to pay within the following time lines:

Circumstance of Separation Pay Due
Employee resigns with 48 hours prior notice Immediately upon termination
Employee resigns without notice Within five working days of termination
Employee is discharged Not later than the end of the next business day

***You may have to request a manual check in order to meet these due dates!


The job may already have an appropriate end date if the employee was on a fixed term contract.  If the job record has no end date or an inappropriate end date then the department must submit a Separation Form and letter of resignation if applicable to HR.

The Dean/VP will need to sign off on the Separation Form prior to HR review.

Note: Employees sometimes have more than one appointment or job.  They may have been assigned a pooled position number for department head, endowed chair, teaching award or faculty excellence award.   It is important that you include in the remarks area of the PRF all other position numbers held by the employee and indicate if and when each appointment will end.

It is the responsibility of the departments Payroll Administrator to ensure that any vacation balance is paid out on the employees last paycheck using the LPV earn code.   If the employee did not work the entire pay period then the final leave accrual will need to be prorated.  The Prorated Leave Calculator can assist with that calculation.  Please contact Payroll before paying out the vacation balance so they can manually add in the final leave accrual before it's paid out, otherwise it won't be available.

The Payroll contact for adding the final leave accrual to an employees balance is Chad Hartvigsen.  chadh@uoregon.edu or 6-1106.

*If the employee is a BANNER user submit a Banner Access Form to Information Services to terminate their user account.


Fixed Term Contracts

The University may choose not to renew the contract by giving timely notice (if timely notice is required.) Nothing needs to happen on Banner since the end date of the job was established when the job was created.

Tenure Track Faculty

The University may deny tenure, in which case the employment will be terminated after one year. (See tenure denial.)


The department should notify the Payroll Office immediately.

The date of death should be included on the Separation Form.


The employee submits a letter of resignation to the department.

The department submits a Separation Form if the job ends prior to the contract end date.  The Separation Form, with attached copy of the letter of resignation, is routed to HR Operations.


The department submits a Separation Form to end the job as indicated above.

The department must also submit a UAF to initiate an Unpaid Retired or Emeritus appointment.