Fall Hiring Tips

  • Always submit RTO, PRF, or SEF without delay.


  • Get the hire documents (W-4, I-9, EIF, etc.) in as early as possible.
    • Inform new employees that they need to be in Eugene to complete hire documents by September 8th in order to be paid on the September 30th payroll.  Otherwise pay may be delayed.
    • Remind new employees that they must present his/her identification credentials in-person to you before you can submit the I-9
    • Hire documents should be sent directly to Payroll.
    • International employees may require additional documents. For a list of these documents, please see this helpful chart on the Banner Guide. For instructions and helpful hints, please refer to the International Employees section on the BAO website.


  • Deal with separations, leaves of absence, and decreases of FTE as quickly as you can.
    • Call the Payroll Office as soon as you are aware of any change that will reduce or stop an employee's pay (e.g., resignation/dismissal or FTE decrease). This will avoid the frustrating task of having to collect overpayments, as well as any subsequent tax implications for the employee if an overpayment is not repaid within the same tax year.
    • Submit PRF (with explanation) when a Classified, Unclassified or GE employee goes on leave. In the case of GEs, a separation PRF should be submitted.


  • Don’t withhold PRFs and contracts because of Grant fund index availability.

    There are two ways to work around this issue:

    • Pre Award Spending (if allowed by the grant): Principal Investigators (PIs) should check with SPS about requesting authorization to spend funds in support of a sponsored project prior to receiving a notice of an award. Such costs would be considered necessary to conduct the project and would be allowable under the grant, if awarded, without prior approval. Pre Award Spending allows a department to set up an advanced grant/contract account number while waiting for the award/funds to arrive. The form requires the PI’s signature as well as that of the department head as the PI must identify another funding source (typically an ICC or departmental account) to cover the risk of a delayed start date, costs disallowed by the sponsor or failure of the sponsor to make an award as anticipated.
    • Use a Department Index: Another option available to departments is to pay GEs on a departmental index. Once the grant funds are awarded and the index is set-up, departments would then process a Payroll Accounting Adjustment to redistribute the payroll expense. If the quarter has closed, departments will need to submit a Payroll Accounting Adjustment form (PAA) and a Cost Transfer Explanation form directly to SPS.


  • For Payroll Accounting Adjustments (to charge payroll expense to correct pay index):
    • If within the same time period, a PAA (Payroll Accounting Adjustment) or on-line PHAREDS accounting adjustment can be done for a past month. A PRF can be done for future adjustments.
    • If it is not within the PAA deadline (there is a 3-month limit for retro requests), contact SPS.
    • See payroll accounting adjustment for more information.