Final Pay Instructions

Timing of Final Paychecks (BOLI Rules)         Bureau of Labor and Industry Regulations

  • If an employee quits with less than 48 hours notice, the paycheck is due within five business days.
  • If an employee quits with notice of at least 48 hours, the final check is due on the final day worked.  In case, the final day worked falls on a weekend or holiday, the check must be ready on the next business day.
  • If an employee is discharged, the final paycheck is due not later than the end of the next business day.   It is strongly recommended that every effort is made to allow sufficient processing time for the final check to be ready on the day of discharge. 

Timing of  Final Paychecks for Employees with Contracts

The BOLI guidelines for final paychecks do not apply for employees with contracts.  GEs and unclassified employees whose contract end date occurs mid-month will receive payment at the end of the month on the regular payroll.   See the GTFF Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Faculty Handbook.

Final Paychecks for International Employees

The Payroll Office will issue manual checks to international employees who are terminating and leaving the country prior to payday.  If they are leaving prior to the contract end date, departments will need to write in the Remarks section of the MCR that "all contractual obligations have been fulfilled."

Wage Dispute

If a dispute arises regarding the amount of final wages due an employee, the employer is required to pay the amount the employer agrees is due without setting any conditions upon the payment.

No Time Sheet

An employee who fails to submit time sheets on a timely basis must receive a paycheck on the regular payday.  Other disciplinary measures may be taken.

Employee Checklist

Departments are encouraged to use the Employee Checklist as a reminder to retrieve property and to terminate access to services upon termination.

Return of State Property

Employers may not hold the paycheck of an employee who has not turned in keys, UO ID, or returned property of the university.