Obtaining a UO ID Number and Card

Obtain Your UO ID Number

All students and staff at the University of Oregon are issued a UO ID number to identify their Banner records. The UO ID number is a generated identification number that is nine-digits in length and begins with the numbers "95".  This number is printed on the UO ID card.

Early access to a number of campus benefits and the creation of a UO ID number is important for new faculty. For other employee groups, early UO ID number assignment and access is not needed until closer to the first day of work.  In all cases, early submission of hire documents will prevent last minute access problems. 

Employee Class Payroll Office Creates
Unclassified MyTrack Export
Classified MyTrack Export
Temporary Employee Information Form (EIF)
Non-UO Students Student Employee Form (SEF)
Courtesy & Campus Associates Online Unpaid Appointment Form


Note: Payroll staff will notify departments by email when the new UO ID number has been assigned to classified and unclassified employees.  Allow several days for processing.

  • Temporary Employees:  The UO ID number is assigned after the Payroll Office receives the hire packet.

  • Non-UO Students:  The UO ID number is assigned after the Student Employment Form (SEF) is processed by the Payroll Office.

  • Courtesy and Associate Appointments: The UO ID number is assigned after the Unpaid Appointment Form is processed by the Payroll Office.


Obtain Your UO ID

Once the UO ID number has been assigned by the Payroll Office, the ID Card Services Office is responsible for issuing the UO ID Card.  Their office is located on the ground floor of the EMU.  

Students who have a meal plan and/or residence hall access will also need to visit their area desk or the University Housing Office to activate their new card.

Anyone who uses their ID card for building or parking lot access must contact the Department of Parking and Transportation, (541)346-5444.  Parking staff will need to know the UO ID number as well as the six digit number on the back of the card.