Pooled Positions


There are three general pooled student positions:

Position Description
BUOSRG Regular Student
BUOSNS Non-System Student

The Library has its own pooled student positions.

Position Description
BNXSRG Regular Student
BNXSNS Non-System Student

Temporary positions are pooled. There is one temporary position for each position class:

Position: Position Title:
BUOTPR UO Temp Professional
BUOTPP UO Temp Tech/Para Prof
BUOTOS UO Temp Office Supp
BUOTSC UO Temp Skilled Craft
BUOTSM UO Temp Svc/Maint
BUOTNR UO Temp Non-Regular
BUOERC UO Temp Retirement

Pooled positions have been established for: visiting faculty; Pro Tem faculty, term by term appointments, paid post-docs, fixed term officers of research, full year fixed faculty on short term contracts, wage appointments, summer session and stipend jobs (dept head, teaching and faculty excellence awards, endowed chair etc).

See HR Operations Position Number Reference Guide.

Position Code Title EClass            Account Code
      9 Month 12 Month  
Post Retirement RPXXXX Tenure Reduction Pgm FQ, FR FQ, FR See Faculty Salary Account Codes
Overload BUOOLU Overload UO Teach/Rsrch FC FD 10201
  BUOOLO Overload UO Ofcr of Adm AC  AD  10202
Stipends 9 mo BUODH9 Stipend Dept Head 9 mo FC   10107
  BUOTA9 Stipend Teach Award 9 mo FC   10108
  BUOFE9 Stipend Fac Excel 9 mo FC   10108
  BUOOS9 Stipend Other 9 mo FC   10107
Stipends 12 mo BUODH2 Stipend Dept Head 12 mo   FD 10107
  BUOTA2 Stipend Teach Award 12 mo   FD 10108
  BUOFE2 Stipend Fac Excel 12 mo   FD 10108
  BUOOS2 Stipend Other 12 mo   FD 10107
Temporary BUOWTA Teach/Rsrch Temporary FA, FC, FE, FV FB, FD, FE, FV 10209
  BUOWTO Officer of Admin Temporary AA, AC, AL, AV AB, AD, AL, AV 10209
Summer BUOWSR Teach/Rsrch Summer FS, FT   10204
  BUOWLS Law School Summer FS, FT   10204
  BUOWSA Teach/Admin Summer AS, AT   10272
  BUODHS Stipend Dept Head Summer FC   10107
  BUOSSC Stipend Sum Session Coord FC   10107
Summer Post-Retirement RETWTS Teach Summer Session FQ, FR   10203
  RETWSR Teach/Rsrch Summer FQ, FR   10204
  RETWSA Teach/Admin Summer AQ, AR   10272
Summer Session BUOWTS Teach Summer Session Sal FS   10203 (10209 Acad Yr)
  BUOHTS Teach Summer Session Hr FT   10203 (10209 Acad Yr)
Graduate Employee

There are six pooled GE positions.

Position  Title
BUOG9T   Graduate Assistant 9-Month Teaching
BUOG9R   Graduate Assistant 9-Month Research
BUOG9A   Graduate Assistant 9-Month Administrative
BUOGSS   Graduate Assistant Summer Session
BUOGSO   Graduate Assistant Summer
BUOGOP   Graduate Assistant Other Pay
Position Title Class
BUOXAS UO Campus Associate XX901
BUOXCO UO Courtesy XX901
BUOXPD UO Courtesy Post Doctoral Fellow XX906
BUOXRO UO Retired Officer of Administration XX901
BUOXRT UO Retired Officer of Instruction/Research Non-Emeritus XX906
BUOXEM UO Retired Emeritus XX902
BUOXCH OUS Chancellor's Office XX901