Retirement and Separation


This section of the Banner Guide is to provide direction to payroll coordinators as they process the necessary paperwork for retirees and separations.

PRF Coding (Retirement)

Process  PRF with the following coding:

Job Change Reason - use "Retirement (TERMR)"

Employee Separation Block - use "Resig - Retirement (R5)"

PRF Coding (Separation from UO)

Process PRF with the following coding:

Job Change Reason - use " Employment Ends (TERME)"

Employee Separation Block - select from lengthy list

PRF Routing and Advance Notification

Route PRF for signatures

               After departmental/Dean's Office signatures, please route paperwork to the HR Office.

Send an e-mail to the following payroll and benefits staff for early notification of a  separation or retirement to ensure appropriate benefit coverage, and accurate final pay which may include remaining vacation and compensatory leave payout.


Chad Hartvigsen,, 6-1106

Cindy Huie,, 6-1132


Mindy Schmidling,, 6-2960


Cindi Peterson,, 6-2956

Lynn Petersen,, 6-3086

Kathryn Daniel, 6-2964

Leave Reporting:

Final paycheck issued as part of the regular payroll:

The final month of time entry must include two months of leave reporting for salaried employees or half a month (approximately) for hourly employees.

Check with employees early on for their proposed vacation leave to be taken in the final month of employment.

Vacation balances must be manually adjusted in the final month to avoid docked pay.  Coordination with the Payroll Office is essential. The Payroll Office can assist with projecting vacation leave accruals and final vacation payout balances.

Department enters hours to be paid out in PHAHOUR during the time entry window using the following earn codes:

LPV for vacation payout (max of 180 hours for faculty/OA vacation payouts)

LPC for compensatory time payout

It is good customer service to have all of the vacation and compensatory payments processed on the final check, and this can only be accomplished with early discussions and planning with your employee.

Termination of Access

All Banner/computing Access


Procurement card

Return of equipment


See Employee Checklist

Benefits Services offered  by Human Resources

COBRA coverage assistance

Assistance with PERS paperwork

Overview of Post-Retirement Insurance options and plans

Post-Retirement Appointments

To ensure continued benefit coverage, it is critical that the post-retirement position is set-up timely.

Delays in the appointment process will result in PEBB terminating insurance coverage for non-payment of premiuims.  

Post-Retirement - Paycheck Deduction Issues.

Employees should review benefit elections such as Long Term Care, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts.

Tax-Deferred Investments will continue if not expressly stopped by the employee.

Classified Employees

Dues and Fair Share will continue to be deducted for classified retirees returning to same position post-retirement.

Are no longer eligible for personal leave (part-time employment with .49 Annual FTE)

Note:  Upon separation, please remind the employee that they will continue to have access to Duckweb after they separate from the UO.  This will allow them to have continued access to earning statements and tax documents.

Additional information can be found on the HR website HR Separation and Transfer