Student – Additional Job


An employee may be appointed to a second or even third position at UO.  Since all the hire documentation was processed when the employee was originally hired, little documentation is actually required to add a secondary job.  If the student is currently employed in another department, ensure that total hours worked in all jobs never exceeds half-time in months the student is taking classes.


Submit HRIS Student Employment Form  to the Payroll Office.


Students who are receiving stipend payments from the following departments are not allowed to have a second job on campus due to contractual agreement. 

  • Housing

  • Theatre Arts

  • RARE Program

  • Neuroscience

A pooled position of BUOSTI (BUORAR for RARE Program) has been created for these students in Banner.  Check the PWIVERI form to ensure you're not hiring students who are in one of these positions.

A GE who has a term FTE of .49 is not eligible for additional employment on campus.