Student - Separation


A time record for each student employee will appear in the time entry form PHAHOUR each pay period until their Banner job record is terminated.

Pay Due

Under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 652.140) we, as the employer, have an obligation to pay within the following time lines:  

Circumstance of Separation  Pay Due
Employee terminates with 48 hours prior notice Immediately upon termination
Employee terminates without notice Within five working days of termination
Employee is discharged No later than the end of the next business day

***You may have to request a manual check in order to meet these due dates! 


The department must submit a Student Employment Form (SEF) to the Payroll Office in order to terminate a student appointment.

Should the student have more than one job, the suffix and time entry org tell the Payroll Office which job to terminate.

If several student jobs are to be terminated in the same month, the Payroll Office will accept a printed employee roster (In PWIPAYR select employee class XA).  Indicate which jobs are to be terminated by drawing a line through them, then include your printed name, phone number, and signature on the last page.

*If the employee is a Banner user submit a Banner Access Form (BAF) to Information Services to terminate their user account.



The department should notify the Payroll Office immediately.

The date of death should be included on the manual check request form.


The employee submits a letter of resignation to the department.