Student - Status Change

Personnel Information Change

If their SSN changes the employee should send a copy of the new SSN card to Payroll Office.

For legal name changes the employee should complete the Name Change Form, attach a copy of the SSN card, and send it to the Payroll Office.

There are numerous ways to change a mailing address:

  • Department staff may submit an EIF.
  • Employees may use DuckWeb.
  • Employees or department staff may send an email to Jay Butler in the Payroll Office.
  • Employees may submit a Request To Change Mailing Address Form (RCM) to the Payroll Office by campus or US mail or complete the form at the Payroll Office in person.

Org Code Change

For home org, check/earn statement org, or time entry org changes, submit a Student Employment Form (SEF) to the Payroll Office. The SEF does not have to be completely filled out, just the pertinent data.

Pay & Job Changes

Rate Change

To change a student employee's rate of pay submit a Student Employment Form (SEF) to the Payroll Office that includes the student's ID, name, effective date, and new hourly rate.

If the new rate will be in effect for less than three payroll cycles it may be easier to use the special rate earn codes in PHAHOUR during the time entry window. Earn codes RS1 or RS2 (regular student), RS4 or RS5 (UO Work Study Student) or RW1 thru RW3 (Federal Work Study Student) can be used to input a rate different than the one on the job record.

Payroll will always make rate changes effective the first of the month. Otherwise BANNER will generate two time records, (one for the first part of the month and one for the part after the rate change).

Changing to/from Non-system Student Employee:

UO student employees often switch to Lane Community College, and vice versa.  Another example is a high school (non-system) student employee who is later admitted to the UO.  When a department is changing a student employee from UO to non-system or back, it will be considered a "Change" on the Student Employment Form.  This means the student will not be required to sign and only one department signature is necessary.

Changes between UO and non-system student employment will still require a Student Employment Form (SEF) along with proof of current registration at the other educational institution.  If a department is hiring a non-system student who was previously a UO student employee, it must be treated as a "New Hire" on the SEF, with all signatures required.