Temporary - Overview

Temporary classified employees may be hired on campus to fill emergency, non-recurring, short-term work not to exceed 1040 hours in a one-year period.  They are hourly employees paid on a mid-month to mid-month pay schedule and are paid on a lag payroll.

Employee Class: The employee class for all temporary employees is TS.

Position: Temporary positions are pooled. There is one temporary position for each position class:

Position: Position Title:
BUOTPR UO Temp Professional
BUOTPP UO Temp Tech/Para Prof
BUOTOS UO Temp Office Supp
BUOTSC UO Temp Skilled Craft
BUOTSM UO Temp Svc/Maint
BUOTNR UO Temp Non-Regular
BUOERC UO Temp Retirement

Job: A job is the assignment of an employee ID to a position and suffix.  An employee may have several jobs.

ID:889737666  POSN:BUOTOS  Suffix:00

Labor Distribution: The FOAPA information provides for payment of salary and wages. Fund code for a temporary assigned to a unit on general funds is 001100: the organization code reflects the department employing the temporary 151112: the account code specifies the temporary wage expenditure 10410: the program code is linked to the organization: the activity is determined by the department.  HRIS spreads the monthly payroll amount in accordance with the percentage assigned to each index or FOAPA.

Index Fund Orgn Acct Pgm Activity %
SBADIR 001100 151112 10410 01001 ACW271 100

Additional information on temporary employment can be found on the HR Website.