Temporary - Separation


Temporary jobs will not be entered in BANNER with an end date.   HR will monitor the length of each Temporary appointment and notify the hiring department when the appointment should be terminated.

Pay Due

Under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 652.140) we, as the employer, have an obligation to pay within the following time lines:

Circumstance of Separation  Pay Due
Employee terminates with 48 hours prior notice Immediately upon termination
Employee terminates without notice Within five working days of termination
Employee is discharged Not later than the end of the next business day
Death Include date of death on the PRF

***You may have to request a manual check in order to meet these due dates! 


Since there is no job end date recorded on Temporary appointments the department must submit a PRFform to HR to terminate the job.  If approved the PRF will be forwarded to the Payroll Office.

Example Separation PRF

*If the employee is a BANNER user submit a Banner Access Form (BAF) to Information Services to terminate their user account.